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Show Your Stripes: Missoni for Target

By Linsibrownson @CleverSpark

Target has some serious marketing genius.  Love it or hate it, persuading high-end designers to create collections for their store was probably one of the smartest moves this already hip brand could have ever done.

September 13th will see the arrival of the latest designer collection – Missoni - known for its bold zig-zag patterns and playful color palettes.  And, as usual, I’m most excited about Target’s line of home products.

Here’s a preview of some of my early favorites:

Missoni for Target Home - Woven Placemats

Word's not out yet, but I'm pretty sure these are rugs. Love the round one and can't wait to see the price.

Missoni for Target Home - Saucers and Mugs Collection

Stackable mugs and saucers. You want to have friends over for coffee now, don't you?

Missoni for Target Home - Melamine Trays

And lovely trays to serve your coffee accoutrements...

Missoni for Target Home - Shower Curtain and Towels

If your bathroom is boring, this will spice things up a bit.

Missoni for Target Home - Office Accessories

Ooh I love me some office accessories.

Missoni for Target Home - Striped Vases

I definitely want to see these vases in person. If they're steel with enamel I'm totally sold.

Missoni for Target Home - Bicycle

I'm obsessed with bikes lately, and this is making my head spin.

Find your nearest ‘good Target’ and check it out early – they don’t do much restocking of these limited collections (from my experience anyway).  I’m really curious to see how everything looks in-store because I’ have a hunch that this stuff will actually be pretty impressive.

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