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Show Us Your Studio Table (unedited)

By Boiseartist
The Altered Page presented us with a challenge:
show us what your studio looks like when it is not all cleaned up and pretty for others to see.
Show us your studio table (unedited)
When it is clean and shiny and lots of work space showing....that means I am not creating.
Show us your studio table (unedited) This was all stacked on the table, then moved to the fireplace...then more started to find it's way back onto the table... would like to get this all put away before winter so I can use the fireplace.

Show us your studio table (unedited)

I took the cutting board out of storage so this would make me keep this space clean. Guess that worked for just a minute! 

So far Seth has 50 links to other artist studios and adding more as they come in. This makes us all feel a little better, art is messy!
Click on the link above and start your tour.

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