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Show & Tell: Not a Neigh

By Leonied
Howdie!  First, a warning... you are likely to see a lot of Zebra and Orange themed things around these parts for a little while... The big bash has been and now... now we digest and reflect : )
Show & Tell Thursday's
You're probably aware we had a big 5-year old birthday recently.  The girls go to/went to a wonderful kindy - they celebrate the children and love them like their own.  It is a really warm, loving environment and when the kids leave you can feel and see the excitement mixed with a pang of sadness in the teacher's faces. They put on a bit of a leaving ceremony and read out the child's "diploma" of strengths, qualities and achievements on the last day... a special moment.
Show & Tell:  Not a Neigh
So last day of kindy arrived for Heidi. And of course we wanted to do something a little special, a little different for this big moment. Last year for her birthday we did some Zebra inspired cupcakes, the year before was orange popcorn... extreme brain-wracking ensued.
Show & Tell:  Not a Neigh
Ahha! Zebra biscuits! I have a recipe that I normally use but the bikkies are quite soft. For little kids I wanted them to be a bit more robust and crunchy so used this recipe.  They were delicious and very crisp cookies!
Show & Tell:  Not a Neigh
Finding a zebra/horse cookie cutter was a bit of a mission but we got there. not to mention then stacking the layers the wrong way and almost ending up with horizontally striped zebra's... We got there : ) The ones at the end looked a bit more like motley cows given all the rejigging of the scraps but they were tasty and still fun!
Show & Tell:  Not a Neigh
They went down a treat with young and old. I can see more of these in future - the end result is definitely worth the extra effort!
Ok lovelies - your turn! What have you been up to?
Cant wait to see your delightful goodies!
L xx
PS: Just so you know, there is no expectation to go as nuts as I do for occasions as Kindy. You know me and my tendencies to get a little carried away.... : )
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