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Show & Tell: It's in the Bag

By Leonied
Show & Tell Thursday's
How's your week going? Still on 'holiday' or has the school/kindy year started? We're back into the swing of it this week - a bit hard to believe really!
Show & Tell: It's in the bag
A friend and I got chatting about simple and quick but substantial things to sew a while back, which lead to the idea of a messenger bag. I'd never tried it, thought it seemed simple enough, so gave it a go.
Show & Tell: It's in the bag
I drew up some "plans" and set to it. It turned out a lot better than expected! Good enough to gift, so that was a bonus!
Show & Tell: It's in the bag
I have to say though it was more time-consuming than I had thought. Maybe it was because I'd never done it and was working from my rough and ready ideas? Maybe they're just not that quick?
What's your experience with messenger or other bags? Any favorite patterns? Tips? Tricks?
Looking forward to hearing your views and also seeing what you've been making!
L xx
Show & Tell Thursday's

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