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Should You Trust Online Horoscopes?

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

A study published in the Journal of Personality and Individual Differences back in 2006 showed there is absolutely no correspondence between the date of birth and the personality and behavior of a person, while another survey taken by Pew Research Center revealed no less than 25 percent of all Americans strongly believe in zodiac signs and astrology predictions and base even the toughest life-changing decisions on what they read in newspaper or online astrology pages.

Should You Trust Online Horoscopes?

While this is definitely a risky way of approaching problems and challenges, lots of people still believe there’s a strong link between their date of birth and personality and that zodiac signs are able to influence their destiny in a significant manner.

But is this really so? Should you trust online horoscopes and assign them a spiritual significance or is it only a matter of pure coincidence and subjective validation?

Do the Stars Really See the Future?

Should You Trust Online Horoscopes?

People who believe in astrology and zodiac are generally divided into two categories: those who check their horoscope from time to time and find correspondences between the predictions for their zodiac sign and the events in their lives; and people who are more than convinced that horoscopes represent the absolute true therefore nothing should be done without reading the daily predictions at first.

There are, of course, individuals who see online horoscopes as entertaining and fun and read them without paying too much attention to what happens after that, as well as people who have nothing in common with zodiacs and astrology and consider reading horoscopes is nothing but a waste of time. To some astrology and all these predictions are nothing but superstition while to others horoscopes are a genuine window into the future.

Should You Trust Online Horoscopes?

Regardless of what side you agree with, the truth is horoscopes speak in generalities and there are pretty good chances for you to actually experience the facts written there. These so-called future predictions provide only a broad outline, as they typically let us fill in the blanks and search for links between our personalized experiences and those vague statements.

On the other hand, it is also true that modern online horoscopes, although designed in general terms, are written in such a way that they get you thinking about your life and plans in a deeper manner. Thus, instead of making important decisions after a more or less superficial analysis, you end up focusing on details you would’ve neglected.

So should you trust online horoscopes or should you be skeptical about it? The best way to think of a zodiac sign and horoscope prediction is to see it as guidance for your actions and decisions, but nothing more.

It’s completely irrational to think everything that happens in your life is linked and strongly influenced by your zodiac sign. Now there may be coincidences between the lines in your daily horoscope and your actual experiences and thoughts, but this is only because people writing those predictions are very skilled and have their way with words!

Telling the Difference Between Faith and Coincidence

Should You Trust Online Horoscopes?

When your horoscope tells you you’re going to win a huge amount of money at the lottery, there is a chance for that to happen if you buy a ticket – that is a happy coincidence. Still, if you don’t even participate in the lottery then the prediction is definitely inaccurate.

However, if the daily prediction for your zodiac sign says your finances will be up and down, you’ll surely see the prediction as a true one because that applies to hundreds and thousands of people! Horoscope writers use lots of tricks and vague formulations and don’t personalize their predictions because they need those phrases to apply to a 12th of the world’s total population!


While some horoscopes can really be feasible, you should find something truly worthwhile believing or reading and focus your attention on pieces of advice that can actually guide your actions and bring some improvements in your life.

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