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Should We Choose Our Kids Friends?

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum
Cadburys world 074 300x225 Should we choose our kids friends?

Mummy Says These Are Nice Friends

Should we choose our kids friends?

My son has a friend who I am not that fond of, should we choose our kids friends so that they only associate with those kids we feel are a good influence on them?

We live in a nice area and the children local to us are all very well-mannered except one child, who through no fault of his own is not monitored and much left to his own devices, often resulting in behavior mine would not dare to be a part of.

I have heard him using language that is not expected from a child his age; he has no thought for others and damages property on a regular basis. Is it wrong of me to advise my own kids to stay clear?

I do not want others to see this child and think mine are the same due to them being together, I am afraid mine will be led astray or become caught up in a smashed car window incident after throwing stones or being branded “bad kids”.

My kids are far from little angels but they know not to damage other people’s goods and to always apologise, be kind and considerate to others and of course to share. I want my children to have good morals and standards towards others.

Children are greatly influenced by others and I would much rather the influence came from a good setting than a bad.

When the children ask if they can have friends in I admit if its “that child” I always say no.

Am I wrong to say that I should choose our kids friends or should it be up to them?

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