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Should I Date Him Knowing He’s Got A Girlfriend?

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

ID 10018529 Should I Date Him Knowing He’s Got A Girlfriend?

Oh gosh where do I start? There’s this guy who I’ve liked for years and nothing has ever come of it until 3 days ago. He came round my house, we had a giggle and basically everything other than sex happened.  I mean to be honest I haven’t had nothing in the sex department in 7 months. I don’t know maybe that’s what it is, but anyway his mum is a friend of mine and she knows I like him, I saw his mum and his little sister today and his sister mentioned he had a girlfriend when he came here he said he was single. I am just so confuse. I actually felt angry when I got told earlier about this girlfriend… Just don’t know why I feel so bad.

Supermum Says;

The first rule is, if he’s taken you don’t go there, he’s out of bounds and you’re angry because he showed you attention and some intimacy that you have been craving for. You have a past history and you have had underlying feelings for this guy and you thought when he came to visit you maybe something good would evolve.

If he’s got a girlfriend what type of guy is he really? Forget how good looking he is or how he makes you feel, if he can cheat on his girlfriend with you, then he can cheat on you too.

Speak with him and ask him out right if he’s attached and if so then ask why he led you on and was unfaithful to his partner. Explain you’re not a toy to use when he feels like it and when he grows up, then to get back in touch, of course when he’s single.

I think in all honesty this guy’s not good for you and your prince charming will come along soon, without a girlfriend in the background. Don’t short change yourself, you deserve better than a quick fumble.

What Advice Do You Give To This Mum? Should You Date Him Knowing He’s Got A Girlfriend?

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