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Should Anthony Weiner's Wife Stay After Latest Scandal?

Posted on the 25 July 2013 by Real Talk @talkrealdebate2012

Anthony Weiner and Huma AbedinThis is the question that has been percolating online since Huma’s decision to support her disgraceful husband, Anthony Weiner.  Weiner as many of you already know was forced to resign from his congressional seat in 2011 after lewd photos of him appeared online.  Huma chose to stand by her husband then.  After once again sexting another girl last year, Weiner’s wife has “forgiven” him and has chosen to support him during his mayoral campaign.

Many critics have suggested Huma has brought feminism back a generation.  They believe she should have already left her husband.  They disagree with her decision.  Others don’t have a problem that she won’t divorce her husband, but that she chose to publicly show her support. 

I think criticizing her decision to remain married is ridiculous.  In reality it is no one’s business what this couple does in their marriage.  No one, but them, knows what has been said and what has happened in their marriage.  Huma’s decision to uphold her vows, despite the dumb things her husband has done shouldn’t be something criticized.  It should be commended.

Personally, I don’t think I could remain married to someone who has cheated, let alone twice.  But again, this isn’t my marriage and I therefore have no right to judge.  I also have no right to decide that it ends.

Many have compared her decision to Hilary Clinton’s decision after President Clinton cheated on his wife while in office.  Many “feminists” were outraged she didn’t divorce the president.  Just like in the Weiner situation, it is no one’s business what they do in their marriage.

I think it is counter intuitive to pronounce yourself a devout feminist if you use any platform to denounce another woman and her actions.  You aren’t really promoting feminism if you simply promote conformity.  Isn’t a staple of feminism the independence and freedom of choice?  In this case these two women chose to stay with their cheating husbands.  Ultimately their decisions have no bearing on your life and their personal decisions should not be dictated by your personal opinion.

What do you think?

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