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Should a Step Father Have the Same Right as a Biological Father ?

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum


Should a step father have the same right as a biological father ?



Matt and I have been together for 5 years, we have 3 children together and he is also step father to my 3 eldest children.


When it comes to discipline we argue greatly, while he installs the basic discipline methods we use when it comes to more complex issues with the 3 elder children I tend to take charge why because they are my children and not his.


While neither of us believe in smacking and neither of us have ever smacked, if Matt were to smack any of our 3 children together I do not believe it would cause as much of a problem as if he were to smack my eldest 3, why because once again he is NOT their father and has no right to lay a finger on MY children.


This does cause some arguments in our home, while the children respect their step father and he respects them there does come times when I am not home and Matt has to take charge, often to find me not happy with the way he has dealt with a problem.


Perhaps its just me, that I am an over protective mother and whether he was their father or not is of no significance and more so that I do not like others discipling my children in a way that I do not agree with.


Should a step parent have just as much right and influence over the children when it comes to things as discipline or should these decisions be left to the biological parent?


So my dear readers I ask you – Should a step father have the same right as a biological father ? Leave me a comment to let me know your views.


A Debate Corner Post By The Real Supermum


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