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Shopping With Mommy. Again. - Writer's Workshop

By Parentingsmh @parentingsmh

Aw man, anotherstore? She's always shopping, and there's nothing for me to do. She never doesanything I want to do.  I want to go toMcDonald's but, nooo, she has to go shopping. Again.  She's not even shoppingfor me.
Mom does this allthe time.  Why do I always have to getdragged along with her.  I could be homewatching TV or coloring.    
I'm tired,  I don't wanna walk around looking at clothesanymore, I just wanna sit down.
Or, *giggle* I canplay under this round rack of clothes. I'll hide from Mommy.  I'll justsnuggle right in and sit at the bottom. Mommy will never find me. 
Mo-om! I wasn'tdoing anything.  I was just sittingwaiting for you.  I wasn't messing up theclothes.  What are you so mad about?  I didn't do anything.  Tsst. I'm always getting in trouble. 
I don't wanna walkwith her anymore.  I'll just sit right here under this mannequin. She'll come get me when she's done.
Ugh. It feels likeI've been sitting here for hours.  Whereis she?
No.  Really. Where is she?
I can't see myMommy.  She was right there when I satdown. 
Oh no.  I can't find my Mommy! 
Maybe if I walkaround a little bit, I'll find her.  Overthere?  What about over here?  Or there?  
I want my mommy!
Why didn't I juststay with her?  I wouldn't be lost now ifI just stayed with her.
Mommy!  There you are.  I was looking all over for you.  I was sitting by that mannequin over there and then you were gone.  
I know, I know, I shouldn't have wandered off.  Tsst, I'm always getting in trouble.

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