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Shopping Day with Mum and Millie HAUL!

By Luce Stephenson @Luce_Stephenson
Hey guys!
So recently I went shopping with ze Mother and ze sister (She's 2 btw) and we had an amazing time having a good girlie shop and a nice meal at Lloyds Bar.
I wanted to show you the things I bought as I did buy things from Boots, Primark, House Of Fraser etc!
I finally caved and bought a high end foundation and repurchased products in a variety of colours! If you want to know exactly what I bought then please watch the video below!
I simply cannot help myself these days when it comes to make up shopping, I desperately need new clothes but for some reason all my money keeps going on make up. I think my new splurge will rather be Sigma make up brushes or possibly Lime Crime lippies! The lippies will be cheaper but I really do like the look of Sigma's brushes!
Question is, do I really need them haha?!! (Like that even matters)
Hope you've enjoyed the video/post, I'm just under a month before my A-level exams so I've not had time to show my love for my blog. However, I still upload a video every single Wednesday on my YouTube so you can always catch me over there; if you are lucky I sometimes upload an extra video like I did last week with my April Favourites!
Do you have any video requests? Post requests? Please let me know!
Remember, honesty is key.Shopping day with Mum and Millie HAUL!

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