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Shopify Ninja Masterclass Review 2021 (For $37 Only) Honest Opinion

Posted on the 15 October 2021 by Jitendra Vaswani @JitendraBlogger

Are you planning to take a Shopify Ninja Masterclass? Before reading my Shopify Ninja Masterclass Review, you might have come across different courses offered by different individuals on e-learning platforms. So many google search results ought to be confusing.

The best way to differentiate is to read the reviews of each course online. Reviews will help you make an informed choice. Moreover, by going through them, you will know how a particular course has helped someone and what all it has in store for you. Choose the best course after going through the Kevin David's Shopify ninja ​ masterclass review.

You have nothing to worry about even if you are new to dropshipping. Some masterclasses on Shopify ninja will teach you the functionalities very well. Such courses are backed with classes from some of the industries' experts, and you will learn how to successfully build your online store. Today, we have Kevin David's Shopify Ninja Masterclass review.

So, Let's get started.

Shopify Ninja Masterclass Review2021-Is It Worth Your Try?

About Kevin David

Kevin David is very popular, and you must have heard his name before. He is famous on Youtube as well for producing quality and informative content. He produces videos on varied verticals such as drop shipping, Facebook ads, etc. Moreover, he also offers affiliate marketing courses. He is a successful online entrepreneur and his abundant income is from the courses he sells.

Shopify Ninja Masterclass

The masterclass works in this way: You select a course, pay the amount for which it is available, and get access to it. After viewing the course offered, you will find a total of 5 modules in Shopify Ninja Masterclass. Videos are also attached to the modules to help the viewer better understand the concepts.

Shopify Ninja Masterclass Review 2021 (For $37 Only) Honest Opinion
You are by now wondering whether Kevin David's Shopify Ninja Masterclass is worth the price?

Let me first tell you that this masterclass on Shopify Ninja is a very comprehensive course and will help any beginner or a Shopify store owner. You will experience huge success and make lots of money from your successfully running Shopify store.

This course will take you through several distinct notions right from researching a product, setting up a store, looking out for drop shippers and suppliers, marketing strategies, and offers ideas on how to scale your Shopify store to the next level.

Shopify Ninja Masterclass Review 2021 (For $37 Only) Honest Opinion

With over 65 training videos, this course offers you free access to the Facebook community, where you will find successful drop shippers. Extra insights are shared by them in the community to provide added support.

Videos are all in HD quality, and the content delivered is in a manner that is easily understandable by anyone. His work is tremendous, and by viewing his videos, you will soon know that he is a true professional.

A bonus is provided with his courses, and this section is updated frequently. The bonus section includes:

  • Tips for identifying and exploring new brands
  • How to search for new niches
  • Print of on-demand business
  • Tips for setting up a made-to-order company
  • How to set up a sales funnel like Clickfunnels
  • Free sales funnel done, especially for the viewers.
  • Tips on how to scale sales using click funnels.
Shopify Ninja Masterclass Review 2021 (For $37 Only) Honest Opinion

Modules of Kevin David's Shopify Ninja Masterclass review

Let me take you to the details of the modules to dig deeper into the details. Explode your sales with the best training on Shopify Ninja. Let's get started with a deep knowledge of Kevin David's Shopify Ninja Masterclass ​ R eview.

Module 1: Finding home-run product research

In the start, Kevin tells everything that is to be taught in the module, the things that you should know about Shopify Ninja. He adds about the expectations that the viewers should have from the course. It is just another generic introduction about what is there for you in the course.

Then there are videos in the module, and the first video describes the steps to choose the right niche for your store. It emphasizes researching the best and profitable products that will help you to succeed in the future. Some discussions are provided on the things that a new drop shipper should avoid. It will save them from making blunders that may cost them a good amount of money.

The next video is on Aliexpress, and I am sure you are aware of it. Based in China, you will get all your supplies from Aliexpress. He further shares thoughts and ideas that you, as a drop shipper, should know. A few browser extensions are also talked about by Kevin that is quite helpful. Such extensions will make your store run smoothly, and you can do a lot of things easily. The extensions will save you lots of time.

The module is full of several other videos with tips to find some promising products. I know you must have had a hard time finding winning products, and it is one of the greatly faced challenges. Hence, pay considerable attention to this section and earn enormously with your Shopify store. At the end of this module, a few free tools are discussed that will help store owners find winning products every week.

Module 2: Search for the best supplier

After surveying some of the best products, it is now time to hunt for the suppliers. In this module, Kevin will dig deep into the techniques that will help you find the best suppliers. Build a long-lasting relationship with some world-class suppliers so that you can get interrupted supply of goods. He further shares tips on how to make the best use of Ali-express. You can also find suppliers on Aliexpress, and he walks through the steps to show you the correct way of doing so.

While searching for the best suppliers, Kevin makes sure that he gets the best price quotes. Several drop shippers make silly mistakes that are very common as well. Kevin also advises you to avoid committing common mistakes while dealing with suppliers. While comparing this masterclass with other similar ones available, you will find that this topic is not included in many. Kevin goes over this topic as well.

Tips are shared to deal with manufacturers properly and ensure that you get products for the best prices. Videos comprise methods to deal with manufacturers suitably. A script is also provided for the users that they can use to send to the suppliers. The best part is that instructions are provided for deriving a sample from the manufacturer so that you can test the product before selling it.

Module 3: Setting up and Optimizing Shopify Store

If you are new to dropshipping and are building your store for the first time with Shopify, then you will find this module quite helpful. You obviously don't want to use a free theme as it lowers down the brand image. Hence, getting a theme ready that is easily made and focuses on maximum conversions. There are several themes available with lots of benefits.

Just as the eCom Turbo that offers several plugins as well. Apart from obtaining the maximum benefits from the theme, you can use several essential plugins provided along with this theme. By using it, you will substantially avoid monthly dues that we all hate to see every month. Well, if you are planning to use a different theme, then videos of Kevin will help. He goes through several routes to help viewers efficiently use varied themes and build an outstanding Shopify store.

Almost 15 similar options are available, and he goes over them all from starting a free trial provided by Shopify to set up google analytics for your store. You will not have to worry about how this does. Every single step is covered by Kevin in his videos. He also explains using reviews, opt-in email forms, etc.

He also leverages several suppliers available and compares them against each other to get products at the lowest prices possible. He shares a few tips on the maximum of the products he sells so as to use them as an example.

He breaks down points on how to receive credit card payments and which payment method is the best for your country. Advises on some of the best Shopify themes are shared so that you can get the highest conversion rates for your Shopify store. Build a product page that will help you obtain maximum conversions. Some of the best designs are extremely beneficial to get maximum conversions. You will get every detail in Kevin's Masterclass. I love this thing about his videos that he doesn't skip a single useful point.

Each and every detail is shared beautifully.

Module 4: Explosion of marketing efforts

Marketing is beneficial and helps you to achieve your ultimate goal. Marketing helps your Shopify store breathe life, and an optimized store will fetch maximum traffic. Convert your traffic into customers by offering one of the best eCommerce stores. Kevin, in this module, will share tips and tricks to obtain the best results from your marketing efforts.

How-to guides are included on Facebook ad campaigns for a Shopify store. Use these tips from start to finish, and lessons are provided for beginners as well as for advanced level marketers-the objectives of Facebook ads that require your attention. You will also learn how to utilize your money and spend them on ads that work for you. Stop wasting your hard-earned money on ads that are not working for you. Master the tips of scaling winning ads and don't mess low performing ads with high-performing ones.

Learn how to easily calculate the total cost of your every purchase and much more. Kevin has provided some great insights on how to use marketing the right way and not let your efforts go vague. Tap on buyers that are mobile-centric with the help of Instagram ads.

A video on Facebook Lingo is included where he goes through several difficult words for people who are not already aware. You will learn about different terms, such as PPE, ATC, etc. Targeting is one of the crucial concepts of marketing, and it is discussed in detail by Kevin. He makes sure to discuss each and every concept.

He goes through strategies that will help you tap customers who are most likely to click on your ads. Beginners will be overwhelmed by this course since a lot of information is provided to help them get started. People at the intermediary level will understand a few concepts better. Kevin has put in lots of effort to make varied topics easily understandable and has done a great job.

Module 5: Expand and Scale

This module will help you learn which platform is best for your eCommerce store. You will also learn that you can market your own products with the help of using the Instagram account of other people and also tapping on the Youtube audience of other similar businesses.

Tips are shared on negotiating cheap rates with varied influencers. You can also get some Instagram influencers to do more than just simple shoutouts. Free tools are available to help you find several influencers on Facebook. Master the art of reaching some of the best influencers and know what they expect to get from you. Kevin has done a splendid job by sharing some cool tips on making the best use of social media platforms.

You will also learn about the importance of analytics and how to get detailed analytics of your online store. Some cool information is also shared, like knowing where your customers come from. Lookalike audiences are a lot beneficial, as well. Its concept is also explained in training. This set of audiences is quite useful while retargeting audiences for maximizing sales. This module is a bit detailed and long. Hence, even if it takes more time, go through it thoroughly to know some interesting facts about Facebook and how this platform will help you.

Shopify Ninja Masterclass Pricing

The Shopify ninja masterclass course costs $497/ month but if you pay a lump-sum payment for an entire year it will cost you around $997. Once you are done with payments you will get access to each and every course and related bonuses.

Shopify Ninja Masterclass Review 2021 (For $37 Only) Honest Opinion

Shopify Ninja Masterclass Review- Pros and Cons

  • One of the best masterclasses on Shopify Ninja with a plethora of how-to videos so as to help you find the best solutions for your Shopify store.
  • A detailed breakdown of the concepts with walkthroughs by Kevin himself for his viewers.
  • Free access is provided to a closed Facebook community of current and former students. It serves as an additional opportunity to scale your business quickly.
  • A Money-back guarantee is provided, as well. Hence, if you realize it soon, that you don't want to proceed with the course, feel free to return it back.
  • A fairly expensive Shopify course available on the market. Hence, it is not for someone who is tight on budget. Many may not have the amount of money to invest in an online course.
  • There are limitations on the money-back guarantee, and it is not returned if you opt for the entire course at once. Moreover, if the course was originally purchased by you at a discounted rate, then you cannot return it back.
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Shopify Ninja Masterclass Review 2021 (For $37 Only) Honest Opinion

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Final Verdict - Kevin David's Shopify Ninja Masterclass Review 2021

Some people may think twice before making a purchase of this course-the major reason being its price. But, I personally feel that the amount of money spent is worth it. You will feel this after accessing the course. An in-depth study is provided that contains A-Z of a Shopify store. Learn what all you can do with your store and also how it will help you boost your sales. I am far away from thinking so, and I feel that every penny spent on the course is worth it.

Kevin has put in lots of effort to make his course stand out in the crowd, and it is one of the best masterclasses on Shopify Ninja. You will truly master the course and Shopify Ninja platform with its help. This Kevin David's Shopify ninja masterclass review ​ will help you know what is​ included in his course. Make an appropriate choice while picking the best masterclass on Shopify ninja. Scale your Shopify store with the help of Kevin, a Shopify expert who has earned a huge amount of money. Achieve significant success for your eCommerce store business.

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