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Pushub Review 2024: The Ultimate Push Notificat...

Posted on the 13 April 2024 by Jitendra Vaswani @JitendraBlogger

They help with all advertising tasks in one place, work worldwide, and really listen to what you want.

With years of experience, they know what works best. Are you thinking about getting your ads to perform better? Check out my detailed Pushub review for more details.

What is Pushub?

Pushub is an advertising and publishing house that helps its clients and partners put up ads and get maximum reach. They are fruitful in achieving valuable and converting users.

Pushub Review 2024: Ultimate Push Notificat...

Their own special websites enlighten users with news, cryptocurrency, and some funny stuff.

These websites are called VOT media and are available at places like,, and They provide additional value to their advertising solutions.

Pushub is an experienced platform that understands the demands of its partners. Its analysis capability is impressive and helps to find the correct audience for the brand. Pushub boasts an extensive and quality user base.

Let's share some numbers to justify these claims. They cater to about 13,000 direct partners and more than 23.7 million unique users who were reached via push notifications, and the number is still increasing by the day.

Also, they have made a huge number of 150 million ad impressions in total. These numbers clearly prove their worth and impressive work.

What Makes Pushub a Perfect Choice for Both Advertisers and Publishers?

Their dedication is outstanding, as they always prioritize the needs of their advertisers and publishers. This is why Pushub is the best choice for both advertisers and publishers.

Whether you are an advertiser who wants to promote your services or products or a publisher who wishes to monetize your content, Pushub continually offers customized solutions to get optimal results.

For Advertisers

Pushub Review 2024: Ultimate Push Notificat...

Pushub is very beneficial for advertisers as it ensures that their advertising campaigns receive the optimal attention they deserve. It also ensures that the content reaches the right audience at the right time.

Pushub keeps upgrading its solutions to deliver better and better results for the business. Its commitment to delivering the best solutions makes it stand out from its counterparts.

For Publishers

Pushub Review 2024: Ultimate Push Notificat...

Pushub is a platform that understands, comprehends, and respects the needs and goals of publishers as well.

Whether the aim is enhancing user engagement or maximizing revenue, Pushub designs apt solutions to meet their demands.

Why Should You Consider Pushub for Your Advertising Needs?

Pushub has several advantages, and here is a list of top reasons why you should consider it to address your advertising needs.

Pushub has proved its mettle by performing optimally to achieve good results. When you advertise with them, you get organic traffic that is driven by results.

Their performance can be gauged by seeing their results, such as getting leads, leading to sales, and getting good deposits. Their ads perform best because they make use of advanced technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data.

Their AI optimizer helps the ads reach the desired people, and due to the effectiveness of the ads, they get good responses too, thus enhancing the performance of the campaign.

Pushub has a very unique service known as "Premium Push Traffic." This uniqueness ensures top-quality traffic from their licensed and exclusive content websites.

It makes their ads look unique and stand out, thus reaching the right people. Pushub's approach to achieving its targets is very unique.

Pushub is a platform that ensures they are with their customers right from the beginning till the end. Even after setting up your ads, you don't have to find out how it works.

Their services are world-class, as they have a team of proficient and dedicated Customer Success Managers. They help you at each step of the way.

They work in close partnership, whether you are an agency or a managing partner. This close partnership is a key to successful campaigns.

Pushup Ad Type Options

Here are the different types of ad options offered by Pushup.

Pushub Review 2024: Ultimate Push Notificat...

1. Push Ads

Users who have opted to receive push notifications receive notifications from apps and websites.

These are called Push Ads. These are highly effective and targeted personalized messages because they appear on the devices of the users, either on their desktops or smartphones.

Push ads are the best way to update and inform users about the time-sensitive messages, offers, and announcements to engage them.

Due to their direct appearance on the phones or devices of the users, visibility becomes higher, and the users are also engaged. Most of the time, these push notifications are difficult to ignore, making them an ideal way to reach the targeted audience.

2. Pop Ads

Whenever a user interacts with an app or a website, they receive Pop Ads, which open in a new tab or window. The user gets intrigued to know more and clicks on them.

They open the content separately from the main interface or page. Pop Ads are highly beneficial for promotions as they visually affect the user.

The user gets to know the completed details about the ad, and thus engagement is high. On the other hand, some users may get offended as pop ads can disrupt their browsing activity.

Optimization Tools by Pushub

Pushub is an excellent platform that has everything that users require to run a successful advertising campaign. Let's dive into the advanced technology that they use:

Pushub Review 2024: Ultimate Push Notificat...

The user defines their CPA, i.e., Cost Per Acquisition, and Pushub automatically adjusts their advertising campaign settings based on that. The user has the option to choose between manual adjustment and target CPA.

This feature optimizes the ad campaign based on users' age (number of days and hours). The EPC changes are noticed throughout different hours of the day, and then auto-optimization is added per user age by the hour.

Thus, the ad campaign is optimized based on the user's age as it targets specific age groups and accordingly delivers ads.

Pushub does this automatically. It optimizes the user's spending for days and hours of the day. This technology helps adjust the ad delivery at peak engagement hours.

Thus, the ad campaign is optimized based on the user's day and hour usage and delivers ads at the most opportune times to enhance engagement.

This technology lets you optimize the ad campaign based on engagement times and users' ages. It also allows you to adjust the ad delivery at peak engagement hours and ensures effectiveness.

Pushub Offers Effective Tools for Boosting Website Traffic:

Pushub contains a plethora of valuable tools that help in driving traffic efficiently and effectively. Let's take a look at the two most important tools used by Pushub:

The advertising campaigns are optimized with the help of AI Optimizer, which uses advanced machine learning algorithms and big data analytics.

Based on specific goals like Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), it automatically adjusts the bidding strategies and optimizes big landscapes. It analyzes the real-time data and metrics of how the campaign is performing.

The AI Optimizer does this by fine-tuning the bidding strategies and giving optimal results. The advertisers bear the fruit by deserving the desired results, whether it is to generate leads or drive sales.

Let us explore the details of how the AI Optimizer is so helpful:

  • Efficiency - The AI optimizer automates all the complex Optimization tasks. This saved a lot of time and resources while giving the desired results.
  • Precision - It offers higher conversion rates and engagement. This is because their approach is data-driven, which ensures targeted results.
  • Adaptability - The AI Optimizer is capable of keeping the changing market demands aligned with the campaigns. This is because it has real-time optimization capabilities, which makes it adaptable.
  • Competitive Edge - The AI Optimizer gives advertisers a competitive edge as it uses the amazing power of Big Data Analytics and AI. The power of AI optimizer easily meets all business objectives.

The traffic estimator tool gives insights into the expected cost per click (CPC) across various geographical locations and formats.

It is a very useful tool for estimating the potential costs that come along with advertising campaigns, and it aids in planning the budget effectively.

This data helps the advertisers to make informed decisions. They can easily access the CPC rate estimates and accordingly plan the budget to achieve the best results.

To use these amazing tools, you must be a manager or agency partner with Pushub. You need to insert a postback Pixel (S2S) into your landing page or server.

After that, the Pushub system can easily track the conversions and adjust the ad campaigns accordingly in real-time.

Pricing Plans by Pushub

Here are the different pricing plans offered by Pushub:

Pushub Review 2024: Ultimate Push Notificat...

As the name suggests, the user needs to manage everything yourself.

It lets you get unique traffic, but running and optimizing the traffic will be your responsibility.

  • Customer Support Via Email
  • Pre-filtering invalid clicks
  • Access to customer access
  • Email customer support

The Managed plan is a great pricing plan that gives you a personal manager and access to unique traffic.

Pushub also offers assistance with optimizing CPA goals and user age, sharing creative insights, BL/W, prelander creation services, and CPS Optimization.

Price - $200

Advantages - All advantages offered by the Self-Served Plan plus the benefits mentioned above.

As the name indicates, this custom pricing plan varies according to your agency's demand. It offers all the benefits of a Managed Account and access to all the data.

The Pushub team does everything under this plan, like setting up the account for Optimization and managing Return on Investment (ROI) and Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

The main advantage of this plan is that it gives a feel of hiring an efficient manager from the platform who engages in media buying, just like a Google manager does for Google.

Price - $ 1000

Pros and Cons: Pushub


  • Custom-fit services for particular advertising needs.
  • Innovative tools that enhance global visibility.
  • Dedicated help and support for the advertisers.
  • There is a plethora of advertising solutions.
  • Advanced technology and tools for Optimization.


  • Limited service and flexibility in the self-serve pricing plan.
  • New users require some learning training before using.
  • Some services can be a bit more expensive than other competitors.


Conclusion: Does Pushub Fit Your Needs?

To conclude, it would be ideal to mention that Pushub is a one-stop choice for both advertisers and publishers alike.

Their innovative tools and technology cater to the specific needs of the users and enhance their global visibility.

Pushub is sure to enhance your advertising efforts and give your ads a great push. Join Pushub right away to optimize your ad campaigns and make them successful!

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