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Shoot That Shug : Me as a Model

By Shugavery @ThinkIncognito
 Sometimes, I like flipping through my Tumblr to see what I wrote or the photos I put as a model. It is an interesting thing to do since I am always changing my thoughts, but also to see how I wrote and what was my state of mind during some shootings. So here is a picture of me by Lili Renée.
Shoot That Shug : Me as a model
Who ? Lili Renée
Where ? Bordeaux
Wanted. Lili contacted me through mail to be part of her project which is called “Corps et Décors” (Bodies and sets). About this project Lili says : “Throughout this serie [I] wanted to highlight women beauty and delicateness while keeping some modesty.”
Feeling. This is probably the first shooting I did with other models and where they did my make-up and hairstyle. I remembered I felt really happy about it. It was also the occasion to know about the reasons of the other girls for modelling. We also spoke about our vision about being a model and about photography. I remember that it was during this shooting that I learned about the photographer Sara Moon.I think I enjoyed this shooting because I was curious about what Lili will do. I wanted to know about her vision of women. I perceived her universe as a delicate and timeless one. When seeing this serie you actually can see women during their intimate moments but you can’t tell in which period. That is why I like this shooting so much. I like the vision of the women she gave eventhough I don’t think I am all that delicate ! Her set is also quite impressive in my opinion because it is a kind of indoor/outdoor set. Just as if these women were living their intimacy while being watched.
If you want to see more about this shooting and Lili’s work click here
I am pretty curious to know your thoughts, what do you think about this shooting and its set ?

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