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Shoes, Glorious Shoes. Writer's Workshop

By Parentingsmh @parentingsmh

IF I was ahoarder?  Um, I once counted 62 pairs ofshoes in my closet.  
This was long beforeI had the watchful eye of my husband to curb my habit, though.  
It was very cool.  
I had boots and shoes to match every jacket,coat, and handbag. 
I didn't stop atjust dress shoes though.
I had AirJordans, Air Max, Timberland boots, and shell top Addidas.  I had footwear for every occasion and seasonyou could think of and I changed shoes just a fast and often as I changed myunderwear … literally.

Shoes, Glorious Shoes.  Writer's Workshop

A snippet of my growing collection.

After gettinghitched I  paired down my collectionsubstantially, but I have to admit it's starting to climb again, butslowly.  I'm a little older, wiser, andmy tastes have definitely become a bit more expensive, but that's what salesare for, right?
To me, nothingcompletes an outfit better than the perfect shoe.  I mean, seriously,  a shoe can totally change an outfit fromdressy to casual, and everything else in between. 
What would youhoard?
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