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Shine On: Mirrored Leather Sandals

By Citizenrosebud @citizenrosebudz
Shine On: Mirrored Leather Sandals
I saw myself in mirrored leather. Slipping these vintage babies on, I became a gleaming golden goddess, gliding over city concrete. At one with nature in my floral summer frock, I toss my hair, goddess like, and it falls back perfectly in place. Birds sang overhead, and I could freely wander the universe, unaffected by the din of traffic, tooting horns, car alarms and the dusty perfume of exhaust farted out by the backsides of scampering cars. As a goddess, I am immune to the mundane, the messy kitchen counters, late book return fees, and the fact I might be 15 minutes late to work. You see a goddess has not time for these trifle concerns. 
A goddess gleams. And that takes up all her time. 
Until you miss the bus, get a toe blister, feel tired and hungry, or decide that those dirty coffee cups ain't going to wash themselves.
Today you're viewing my own shining score: a gleaming pair of 60's era vintage "mirrored leather" strappy sandals. Their block heel made them fun to stroll about in- and I hope to get some more wear out of them before the weather turns gray. My feet did feel a bit celestial in their golden foot beds.
Last week, I posted a call for friends to share pictures of them in their metallic shoes, and I've had a great response. So much in fact, that I'm planning to do a post next week, featuring the sparkling footsies of my gleaming gal pals. So if YOU have a great pic, or blog post of you in your gold, silver, bronze or any sort of metallic shoes, please send them to me, and I'll add them to the post! 
Shine On: Mirrored Leather Sandals
Get Your Shine On!
Send your glorious gleaming submissions to: [email protected] (dot) com. Be sure to put SHOES THAT SHINE in the subject header. Deadline for submissions is Sunday, September 2nd.  And check back next Wednesday to see your tootsies on display!

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