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Shhh .... It's NOT Raining

By Sue15cat
Shhh .... It's NOT Raining
It didn't rain yesterday, it looked like this from the living room window.   Yes the field opposite finally is free of water!!
  We took the dogs for a long walk along the prom at Llandudno.  Although the wind was bitterley cold and the sea really rough, it was invigorating and really woke us up from the heavy fog that sits in your brain throughout the mind numbingly boring days of rain and more rain.
Those days when it's a slog to layer up to do the most pressing jobs outdoors and then peel off wet layers and throw them straight into the washing machine when you get back inside again.  I'd much rather the tingling feeling as circulation is restored after a dash outside in the cold than the slow steaming as you sit drying yourself by the Aga with a hot drink cradled in your hands feeling damp to your very core.
Shhh .... It's NOT Raining
Then this morning the sun came out bright and strong, and for the first time since the Boxing Day floods there is movement on the train line opposite the house. The dogs went wild as this yellow monster crept past the house, nothing escapes Rosy!   This line is still shut while repair works are ongoing to make all the damaged areas safe again, but seeing this test vehicle and the guys walking alongside throws hope that it is shortly to re-open.  No doubt a huge relief for all the folk usually use this line that are currently having to use other means of transport to get to work.
To the right of this picture the sheep are back grazing in the fields that run alongside the river, after their swift round up of last week, as torrential rains brought the river once again to cover the land.  Watching them in their hundreds stream across the road under the watchful eyes of their shepherds on quads, and with sheepdogs running to gather together stragglers was a sight worth pausing for.   And although the traffic held up while waiting for the torrent of sheep to cross over to higher land must have been wondering what was going on, the ones at the front of the queue must have enjoyed the woolly spectacle.
Shhh .... It's NOT Raining
It's lovely and sunny, but as you can see from the snow topped distant hills of the Carneddau it is cold, very cold.  But if you stand in the right place with the sun on your face for a moment you can  almost imagine that it's time to begin planting the seedlings that will grow into our food for the coming year.  But I am holding fire, although the days might be showing signs of a returning warmth the night time plummet in temperature is enough to kill off any brave seedlings that push their heads above the soil.
Shhh .... It's NOT Raining
The dogs have the right idea, this is Suky and Mavis tucked up together after this mornings laps of the paddock, no doubt feeling the circulation returning to their little paws .....
Shhh .... It's NOT Raining
.. and Rosy claimed the cushion on the sofa to watch Mum do the workout that brought circulation back to my extremities.
I have my fingers firmly crossed the sun will still be shining tomorrow, the washing line is full already,  towels and jeans blowing in the cold breeze but starting to feel the benefit of the sunshine, and I have lots more to put out tomorrow if a certain yellow body continues to grace us with her presence.
Hope your day is sunny and dry too.
Sue xx

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