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Sheryl Crow Top 10 – By The Numbers

By Phjoshua @thereviewsarein

is a legend, a boss, a badass, a babe, a survivor and one of my favourite artists of the last 30 years. Her voice and sound can transition from one genre to the next, her vibe is golden, and she's a hit machine on top of it all.

Also, Sheryl Crow and her nine Grammy awards belong in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - and we can talk about that whenever you want.

Whether you fondly remember how she was a breath of fresh air in 1994 when she broke through, or you know her for her soundtrack work on Big Daddy or Cars or Tomorrow Never Dies, there's no denying the bangers on her resume.

And that's why we did the dive and the math and the sorting to put together the Sheryl Crow Top 10 - By The Numbers!

Sheryl Crow at the 2018 Calgary Stampede

To build this list, I started with the 10 songs listed in the 'Popular' section at the top of her Spotify page. From there, I went through YouTube, finding official videos, audio releases, and in some cases, unofficial videos because the originals/officials weren't posted to her channel. The YouTube part of this equation was interesting because we are so used to artists' videos being online these days. So to see Strong Enough and All I Wanna Do without official music videos on Sheryl Crow's official channel caught me off guard.

I'll be honest, even though I stuck to the numbers and built the Top 10 list with the math - there were a few songs that I couldn't create this post without mentioning. Because they are great and I love them and if any of them were on this Top 10 list, I'd be 100% okay with it.

Honourable Mentions: My Favorite Mistake / A Change Would Do You Good / Steve McQueen / The First Cut Is The Deepest / Leaving Las Vegas

In total, there are almost 435 million streams on the songs on this Top 10 list - and that's pretty darn impressive.

And now, onto the list!

Sheryl Crow Top 10

10. D'yer Mak'er

9. I Shall Believe

8. Love Song to the Earth

7. Sweet Child O' Mine

6. Strong Enough

Sheryl Crow, Threads Album Review

5. Everyday Is A Winding Road

4. Real Gone

3. Soak Up The Sun

2. All I Wanna Do

1. If It Makes You Happy

Sheryl Crow Top 10 – By The Numbers

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