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She Said Talk Dirty to Me in Zumba

By Djrelat7 @djrelat7

switch it up with zumbaShe said Talk Dirty to Me was the next song to dance to. The clock on the wall said 1:20 but the class started at 7:45. I wasn’t sure if I would make it to the end of the Zumba class. I hadn’t been to the gym since I angered the Pilates Instructor. How could I feel so out of shape?

Just when I thought I didn’t have anymore in me Nina was in view a few feet in front of me. I’d been to a few Zumba classes as of late but this instructor had an energy about her that ignited the room. I smiled as I remembered her leaning in and kissing my cheek after crossing my name off the roster. Where they do that? She greeted the entire class that way. It was no wonder people were in line at the door waiting to get in a whole twenty minutes early.


Nina told us screaming would help us burn more calories. I screamed and so did the lady next to me. I must have looked new because she guided me on all the steps to all the songs that played. I smiled on the inside. Kind people are awesome! I was still going. I was soaked. I wanted more.


The class is supposed to be 50 minutes and when we cooled down it was running ten minutes over. Did I mention I was completely soaked. Shirley asked me a few times if she was sweating. She had a couple of drops on her forehead but that was about it. I wish I could sweat like you, she said. I had to laugh; no one has ever said that to me. I sweat easily and the way I sweat today, I’d wish that on no one.

Push it … Push it real good! Ooooooooooooooh!

Are you at a plateau in your workout? This is the thing I dread the most. I want to keep moving towards my healthy weight goal. I don’t want to work my ass off to only plateau when I’m so close I can taste victory. I’m hoping that instead of just running, if I mix it up, it’ll help. I see what all the hype about Zumba is. For the first time I’m dancing AND sweating and its OK!

What do you do to get in shape? Do you stick to one routine or do you change it up?

Until then,

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