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I Love Watching My Husband Get Ready! #Target #Trydry

By Djrelat7 @djrelat7
I love watching my husband get ready! #Target #Trydry

I was excited when Influencer sent us the Dove Dry Spray deodorant to try in exchange for an honest review and to participate in the #Target #TryDry experience. It gave me an excuse to watch him get ready. I love watching my husband getting ready in the morning. Well pretty much any time of the day. In truth Daniel hates it so I have to do it in secret. If he sees me, he gets annoyed and tells me I am weird. He did give me a little fuss but in the name of research and free products, he gave up his fight. This is the second full week of us using Dove's Dry Spray deodorant and today we'll be sharing our thoughts. Read on to see why we were hesitant to #Trydry spray deodorant.

I love watching my husband get ready! #Target #Trydry

What were Daniel's thoughts on using Dove's Men+Care Dry Spray Deodorant?

I'm always hesitant to try a new hygiene product. Arelis is very sensitive to scents. I remember the first time she told me I smelled. I was a little taken back by it but when she saw my face she followed up with .... No seriously, whatever you have on is making me nauseous. I have her smell products in the store before I purchase anything. I was happy when she approved the Dove Men+Care line. When we got the Dry Spray deodorant in the mail though I was a little hesitant. The last time I used a spray deodorant it stung when applying, left a sticky residue on my arm pits and was hard to wash off. After two weeks of using it I found that this was not the spray deodorant I remember. It didn't burn my skin when I sprayed it on. It kept up with me throughout my nine hour work day in construction. And Arelis didn't complain once that I smelled. Bonus! Over to arelis ...

What did I think of Dove's Dry Spray deodorant?

It's true that some scents make me sick to my stomach. Most products in our household are unscented or have a light clean scent. Deodorant is no exception. Aside from scent though, the other main factor I need in my deodorant is one that controls smell AND sweat. For years I had to purchase an over the counter extra strength deodorant to control both. Over time though an extra strength deodorant would irritate my skin. I was hesitant to try the dry spray deodorant because in the past spray deodorants never gave me the coverage I needed to feel fresh throughout the day.

The Dove Dry Spray was the lovely light scent I've come to know and love Dove for AND I didn't think about smelling at all during the day. I did sweat a little but it wasn't noticeable on my shirts at work. There's nothing worse than having huge sweat stains under your arms. I also looked for staining. Sometimes deodorants can leave a stain behind on your clothes. The Dove Dry Spray left no stains!

Would we buy Dry Spray deodorant the next time ours runs out?

Maybe. While we both loved using it the last two weeks, price of the deodorant greatly affects whether we would purchase it in the future. For the women's deodorant, the Dry Spray is about $1.00 more than the Invisible solid 2-pack that I normally use. For the Men+Care line, the Dry Spray is about $1.50 more than the Dove's Men+Care Solid that Daniel uses. Both Dry Spray options do contain more product so it would depend also on how long the Dry Spray lasts in comparison to the solids we currently use. If we caught a sale though, we would definitely stock up.

What deodorant are your currently using? Have you tried a Dry Spray deodorant yet? If not are you ready to #TryDry?

Until then,

I love watching my husband get ready! #Target #Trydry

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