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ShareASale Affiliate Program Review | Earn More Affiliate Income

Posted on the 24 September 2016 by Grvvash

This ShareASale affiliate is an affiliate program that has changed my mind. ShareASale is the great alternative to this almighty Adsense. ShareASale is an affiliate program from which we can promote almost all products of some good companies.

The companies like, and many other branded companies.

I am pretty sure that you are just thinking of making money with Adsense.

Google Adsense do not approve the blog with low traffic.

So, if you are new then just forget about Google Adsense.

Just give a shot to

Most of the people want to come in the blogging field to earn money. But let's face it there is huge competition out there. So, you need to be passionate too.

I have also started this affiliate marketing a few months back. Some bloggers are making handsome money for this. So, I also started this program.

How can you make Money Blogging with ShareASale?

It is a program in which you promote products that registered with ShareASale.

It's a two-way program which connects the merchants with the affiliate promoters. On each sale, you can get the percentage of sale made.

Why I recommend the ShareASale?

I have used many affiliate marketing programs like ClickBabk, CJ and much more.

The best things about ShareASale are:

  • ShareASale is user-friendly
  • ShareASale has a wide range of variety of products.
  • Pay per sale and Pay per lead both options are there. You are paid according to the sale or lead.
  • The response time of merchants is very less. It varies from 2-3 business days.
  • Their help support is very good in solving problems.
  • Anyone can join ShareASale affiliate program.(I will discuss it in detail.)
  • Paid out next month.
  • Great product quality in comparison to other networks.

Who could join ShareASale Affiliate Program?

Anyone can join this ShareASale affiliate program who have a medium to promote products.

I have earlier mentioned that ShareASale has a wide range of products to choose from.

So, whatever niche of blog you have. You can promote products.

This is a list of some categories of products and services of ShareASale:

How to use ShareASale:

STEP 1: Signing up to ShareASale:

1. You have to go to ShareASale website by clicking here.

2. You have to click on the Affiliate Sign Up.

ShareASale Affiliate Program Review | Earn More Affiliate Income

3. If you want a fast approval than try to use your own domain name email address i.e(example(@) If you want you can also sign up with Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail email address.

You have to confirm that you own this website, to do that you have to click on the email i.e has been sent to your mail id.

ShareASale Affiliate Program Review | Earn More Affiliate Income

STEP 2: Account approval:

If you want to confirm, there are two methods. You can confirm as described earlier or you can paste a code given by ShareASale to head section of your website.

STEP 3: The Dashboard:

1. The Dashboard of this affiliate program is very good and easy to access.

ShareASale Affiliate Program Review | Earn More Affiliate Income

2. You have to fix the need attention column. You have to verify your email address and have to verify your website as I have signed up from Gmail Account.

3. ShareASale also supports direct transfer of your monthly balance to your bank account in some countries. If you live in a such a country that full fill their norms as per payment that you can enjoy this function. Your income will directly be added to your bank account when all the payments of the last month would be clear.

4. ShareASale provides a bank form in which you have to fill the name, city name, IFSC code of the bank, and your account number. Now, ShareASale directly transfers money to your bank account. I am providing the form below.

ShareASale Affiliate Program Review | Earn More Affiliate Income

5. The threshold income(minimum income) that you can transfer from ShareASale is 50$.

6. A ShareASale affiliate can check their income on daily basis.

7. The payment made by ShareASale is on 20th of every month.

STEP 4: How to Start Income from ShareASale Affiliate Network:

For the new publishers (ShareASale affiliates), we have a search for merchants options on the lest hand side of the merchant navigation menu. You can select affiliate products as per your niche.

ShareASale Affiliate Program Review | Earn More Affiliate Income

Just click on search on merchants and the page will direct you to a search for merchants window.

ShareASale Affiliate Program Review | Earn More Affiliate Income

Just type in the of the ShareASale affiliate you want to promote and press search. After getting the products you want to promote, ask them to join the program.

It's all depends on upon your luck.

Some affiliate is auto approved but some approve manually. It's all depends on upon your luck.

Programs like StudioPress, WP engine (Special Offer - Buy for 1 year and get two months for free), and SEOpowersuite are premium programs, that are approved manually.

Affiliate program BigRock approve within seconds.

ShareASale Affiliate Program Review | Earn More Affiliate Income

ShareASale affiliate links are available to the links and banner section. You can use these links in your blog.

ShareASale Affiliate Program Review | Earn More Affiliate Income

Tips to get more from ShareASale Affiliate Program:

  • You should promote a product that you have used earlier, as you can easily solve problems of your buyers.
  • Promote only products related to your niche.
  • Just try to change that ugly links either from URL shortener service or by using WordPress plugins i.e(redirection and Pretty Link Lite)

Where to promote your product:

You should always try to promote products on to your blog.

You can also promote on to your fan page and to the forums who allows affiliate marketing on their forums.

Make a list of items, like I have written( Genesis Child Themes).

Up to you:

I just say try to promote products that you have used earlier and that benefit you most in the affiliate marketing.

The blogs with less traffic can also use ShareASale.

Your audience is targeted. It is best to promote.

So, what are you waiting for?

Are you ready to make your first dollar online?

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Sign up for ShareASale Affiliate Program and start earning today.

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