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Share The Love || Lexi from "Alexis Fabiola"

By Shimmerofpink @shimmerofpink
Hellooo Shimmers,
Another share the love post from the gorgeous Lexi.
1. All I Loved, I Loved Alone
2. My blog is about just everyday wear. I like to dress practical. My outfits are something you can walk around the street feeling comfortable in. I also share the beast deals I can find. Being a college student and working part time I'm all for saving money. That's what I love to share with my followers. I also love to make things I see, so as soon and my boyfriend gets his camera I'll be posting a lot of DIY's. I also try to combine music into every post that I do, so if you don't like fashion you can check out my music. :)
3. I use to have a DIY blog with my little sister, but she would never go on it and I pretty much ran the show so I decided to kick her off of it and make it my own :p haha I've been blogging on my own blog for a little bit over a month now. I started it because I love fashion, finding great deals, and making stuff for a cheaper price. Telling my friends and family wasn't enough; I wanted to share with everyone and what better way to do it then to blog!
4. My name is Alexis, I'm 21. I'm a full time college student at Long Beach State University. I am currently working on getting my BS is Criminal Justice and a minor in Forensic Science. I really want to work for the police department is the forensics unit. Being a chemistry teacher later down the road when I'm old would be cool too. I love to cook and read like there's no tomorrow. I have a dog and a turtle that I adore and a boyfriend that always supports me no matter what I do or wear lol. ❤
5. I don't really have a set fashion style. It has really changed a lot throughout the years. I don't think I had much of a style when I was in elementary school. I went to private school my entire life so I've always been trying to make myself different from everyone else. I would pile on the accessories, and I mean PILE ON! I probably looked like a walking accessory tower, but I didn't care haha. In high school I was a wanna be scene/emo kid. I think it was more in college that I was able to truly define my sense of style, since I wasn't forced to wear a uniform every day. I like punk rock music so I think that kind of has an influence on what I wear. I just like to be comfortable in my clothes and wear things that are different. I don't really like to wear things that every kid on the block is wearing. I'm always looking for underground brands. I don't want to say I'm grunge, because I know I'm not...although I wish I was, but I do really like it! I think I'm a mixture of grunge, punk, and urban. I hate classifying my style because I feel like it confines me >_<
Share The Love || Lexi from
6. Hmmm I don't really have any designers that I really like I have some brands though. I love UNIF, wildfox, and 10th Tribe. Oh I almost forgot Jeffrey Campbell! :D
7. I am not a full time blogger. Is that even real? I can't imagine having to blog every day. Yikes! I try to blog at least once a week because I don't want to overwhelm my followers. I go to school like I said and I also work part time at Sport Chalet.
8. I recommend Neutrogena it's the best brand in everything. Makeup and face washes! I love their makeup powder that has the acne treatment in it. It goes on natural and prevents pimples from forming. Really controls my breakouts especially during that time of he month when mother nature decides to strike.
Share The Love || Lexi from
9. Right now I'm really into I Hate Blond and Killy Nicole. They are all very beautiful women and almost everything they wear I love. They're also very sweet and answer your comments and questions. Killy has been the best at helping me with my blog. You guys should check them out!
10. What I love most about blogging is being able to say whatever it is I want because it's MY blog. I also like that I can vent about things and share some of my favorite songs on there. :p
11. I hate having to take pictures -____- I'm not that photogenic and I get really lazy doing outfit post. I never like my pictures and I'm supper picky so I take forever to do a shoot. I can also get pretty grouchy when I get frustrated. That's probably why my pictures never turn out so nice haha!
12. I usually write about the newest deal I have ran into. Or when a store I like is having a sale or promotion I'll do an outfit post on something I have of theirs and talk about it and share their sale. Right now I have only done outfit post but I will also write about other things like food, travel, and book reviews. I just act like I'm talking in person to my followers. I tell them about my day and ask how they are doing. I'm hopping I can do some reviews for makeup and stuff latter down the line.
13. I really want to go to Japan! I am In love with their street style. No one their is afraid to wear what they want. It's just so beautiful! I also love Japanese food :3
14. Doc Martens. Hands down. They look good with a dress and with pants. I love how they grunge up any outfit! They are so comfy too I could live in them! I wear them almost every day :)
15. One of the biggest blogging tips I can give is to be consistent with your post. Make sure you post up at least once a week. Don't fall off the face of the earth and come back and expect all your followers to be there waiting for you. Also stay true to yourself and your style. Don't write about something you don't like because everyone else is doing it. Do what you like and what makes you happy. Being different is ok. :)
16. This year I'm hopping to get all A's and B's for this school semester, save up lots of money, quit my job, start an internship, and have 1000 followers on blog. I think it's pretty rational. :p
Xoxox, Lexi
Thank you Lexi, Keep loving shimmers <3
Laura  x

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