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Shampoo Allergy? What to Do? Don't Shampoo!

By Dotchi Latham @DotchiLatham
I was talking to a lady the other day about shampoo. She mentioned how she hates washing her hair because shampoo itches so bad. I have so been there! I haven't found a shampoo that doesn't make me want to scrape the skin off my body when I am done showering. I've tried every kind of shampoo and finally gave up.

Then, back in 2012, I started something that I thought would be a passing fad for me. I figured it wouldn't last, but would be fun to try. 

I didn't use shampoo at all. None. Not even a little. Not kidding!

Usually I don't tell people this. They think it sounds weird and then, they assume I don't bathe. I don't. I shower. I hate baths. Showering is awesome! Until it's time to shampoo. That is, until I started trying this thing called No Poo. What... Don't look at me like that. That's what the movement is called. I didn't make up the name. 

I'll be happy to tell you: I have not used shampoo since 2012. My hair feels awesome. It's easy to brush. My scalp isn't itching all the time. Actually, it rarely itches. My hair is easy to brush. It isn't falling out. And the pompholyx on my feet is better. Not gone, but it is manageable now. A little lotion and you'd never know I had pompholyx at all! 

Shampoo Allergy? What to do? Don't Shampoo!

Here's a hint for what's coming up.

How to No Poo

Okay, there is a little more to No Poo than just not using shampoo (or conditioner either in my case). 

Put 2 TBSP of baking soda in a large cup. Take it to the shower with you.

When you are ready to wash your hair, fill the cup with water, stir a little, then slowly pour it over your head. Massage your scalp and "scrub" with your hands like you had shampoo in your hair. Then rinse it out.

Sometimes I take a little vinegar in there with me and pour it on my head before the rinse. It bubbles and gives me the feeling of "shampoo"... that I don't miss... but I miss bubbles.

Let your hair dry when you are done showering. If you have time, let it air dry.

Some words of warning about No Poo

It won't be all WOW the second you start No Pooing.  There is an adjustment period where your hair is just weird and out of control. Like, wear your hair in bun or a ponytail kind of crazy hair. It will feel weird and greasy and some days you will want to just shampoo!

DON'T DO IT! I read that some people will take six weeks to adjust. I was washing my hair twice a week with shampoo before I started No Pooing and it took me about 3 weeks to get my hair to chill out.

Now, there was one time during 2013 that I used shampoo. Sucked. My hair freaked out! But it only took a week of No Pooing to get it back to my calm beautiful hair.

Read this from Crunchy Betty where she No Poos... and her before and after pictures are just... DAMN! You have to see them! I'll try to remember to hunt down my before and after pics to post here.

I can honestly say, I never plan on washing my hair with shampoo again. And I am not the least bit missing my shampoo either. I quite enjoy having all "happy showers" rather than having to pick which days I am going to live on Benadryl.

Not just being allergy-friendly!

Try it. You might like it. And you'll save a ton of money on shampoo too!

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