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Shadow Angel

By Tantrawave @planetbuddha
Calling sister midnight  Calling sister midnight  Can you hear me call  Can you hear me well  Can you hear me at all  (Iggy Pop, Sister Midnight)
There is a metaphysical field which has grown around Shadow Angel's posts, which were but a few, since October 2012.  It's the field of the intrinsic, self-referential mandala of Shadow People.  For example, as I began writing this post, I hit 'Publish' instead of 'Save,' when it was still in draft mode. It was a move which automatically generated a tweet. If tweeple clicked the link, they'd find nothing.  Or should I say, they'd find a shadow link.  And even as I type, I see that one of the blogs I follow has a brand new post called Shadow Block, which was just posted this morning (an interesting synchronicity here, Spelly!).

I have told two people about the vanishing of Shadow Angel, and they both said the same thing: She became a shadow.  Where are you?  I wrote an email, it bounced.  I looked up her twitter account, it's gone.  I went to her YouTube Channel, it's gone.  I went to her blog, it's gone.  She was one of our contributors, and there is an indelible absence, like a shadow, on the roster which I cannot delete, no matter how much I try, but she is gone.    

Shadow Angel

Though I click the 'x' on the right, it doesn't get deleted.

Shadow Angel was working on a book which was in the process of getting completed, snippets were kindly shared by her here on Planet Buddha.  I was looking very forward to it, a signed hardcopy!  I have written in this post in the hope of hearing from Shadow Angel, as I am concerned. Why did she suddenly erase herself from the grid? I am a practitioner, and Yokai fields are part of my world.  If you are experiencing shadow-phenomena and need help, remote assistance is possible. However, I don't practice and exorcise for anyone unless asked, it's a shamanic policy to not mess with karmas of others unless asked.  I sure hope all is well.

   Three more Shadow People phenomena to consider. 1) Hallucinatory hyperdimensional Tulpa-fields 2) Actual shadow-people imprints in Hiroshima and Nagasaki from WW2 Atom-bomb flash 3) The dark night of the soul
I have just gotten indication that they, especially Type 2), do not want investigations willy-nilly to be done without proper respect and offerings.  Those imprints are literal imprints of apocalyptic horror, EVP investigations etc. will not be conducted with impunity.
As Shadow Angel had investigated and classified, 1) to 3) span the protector type to reaper type, and in all cases they would span the Yokai domain of twilight in-between worlds, places of fields very foreign to experiential sensations of gross matter perceptions, places accessible only in shamanic states, practice, ritual, and meditation. Always be mindful of supernal protocols. Occasionally they broach the realm of perception, and if you see them, you have entered a potentially tricky field.  
1) Hallucinatory hyperdimensional Tulpa-fields.  These are shadows and shadow-folk seen in hallucinatory states, in which pareidoliac shadow-forms appear, taking lives of their own (hungry-ghost fields of thought-entities and Tulpas).  Conscious reality-as-such is multi-, or rather, infinite-leveled in absolute interfusion-interpenetration; thus we can subtly recognize hallucinatory Shadow People as conscious beings, however fleeting, ephemeral, and subtly will o' the wisp.    
3) The dark night of the soul. This is perhaps the most rare of all cases, but it is a phenomenon which can simply be described as a state of existential error.  Everything casts a shadow, even to the point of visibility; it's when a person enters a complimentary state of complete inversion.  The effect of shadow-being manifestations are the same as 1), except imbued with ominousness.    
I hope you respond and let us know all is well, Shadow Angel, and let this post become a Shadow.  
Shadow Angel

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