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Shaded from the Sun

By Cassiefairy @Cassiefairy

Summer, summer, summer. That’s the only thing on my mind these days, especially as we’ve enjoyed hot sunny weather for more than a week now and it’s led to lots of wardrobe reorganisation at this end:

  • I’ve unpacked my ‘summer clothes’ – you know, the floral and pastel dresses and skirts that get packed away in a suitcase and stored on top of the wardrobe during the winter – so summer must be approaching.
  • I washed all my swimwear yesterday. I don’t know how, but it all ended up smelling a little fusty over winter but now it’s fresh and ready for a weekend at the lido.
  • After trying on a lot of my summer tops and realising that all my underwear could easily be seen through thinner fabrics I’ve invested in a white bra!
  • I’ve chosen and tested all my SPF 50 sunscreens (see my blog post here) and will not burn this year
  • And finally – and the subject of this blog post – I’ve sorted out summer eyewear for all the family.

Earlier this week after day of squinting in the sunshine I decided to get some sunglasses sorted for the summer season. Firstly I dragged a reluctant hubby to the opticians to order some prescription sunglasses. He wasn’t sure that he’d want to carry around two pairs of prescription glasses all summer, but when I told him how much he was damaging his eyes without UV protection, he was convinced and ended up ordering a nice pair of manly gray prescription sunnies, which will be ready for him to collect next week. It was a slightly painful experience when we had to pay for then (how much?!) and I was glad that I’d decided to wear contact lenses because I can buy any sunglasses I want and save money, as well as having a better choice of styles.

Shaded from the sun
Shaded from the sun
Shaded from the sun
Shaded from the sun

My eyewear shopping was considerably easier because I could stay away from the busy high street and hop onto the Sunglass Junkie website during my lunch hour. I know what style suits my face shape – the Wayfarer – and I think that’s its a rather funky style for summer. I snapped up these classy black ‘festival’ sunglasses. I hate to squint so I like my lenses to be as dark as possible but I also fancied trying out a golden-brown tint this year to make the world seem warmer so the second pair I chose was the wood grain effect Wayfarers. I’d seen something similar in a designer range at London Fashion Weekend and this was a considerably more affordable version so I added them to my shopping basket in super-fast time (as if someone else might have snatched them away from under me, silly I know!) and I’m very excited about wearing these wood-grain sunnies!

sunglass junkie black wayfarer sunglasses 2014

Delivery on my order was free and this shop does a simple site-wide offer of any 2 pairs of sunglasses for £25, any 3 pairs for £35 so I thought that I might as well add one final pair of Wayfarers to my basket and I chose this pair of funky retro white sunglasses with grey/blue gradient lenses. When the sunglasses arrived, this pair is actually had a matt effect frame which I preferred to all the other white glasses I’ve seen on the high street because it makes them look much more expensive than they actually are! All my order arrived quickly and each pair was packaged in their own soft microfibre drawstring case, so I’m already wearing my new sunglasses while hubby is still waiting for his to be made up at the opticians – thank goodness for contact lenses and online shopping!


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Shaded from the sun

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