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SEXY Glamorous Looks:: The Spy Love Buy PRYNCESS Stiletto Heel Platform Court Shoes

By Fashiontakeout @FashionT_O
Creating a SEXY Glamorous Look with Spy LOVE Buy. Look at the fashion collage!
SEXY Glamorous Looks:: The Spy Love Buy PRYNCESS Stiletto Heel Platform Court Shoes
People say; Awe. You Look So Sexy and Glamorous!
I ask; What makes you want to say this! They say; It's the way you wear your fashion pieces and your choices of clothing and accessory pieces. 
So; Let's create a SEXY glamorous look today.
I have a long slender frame. I want to accentuate on that! One must learn how to build upon the beautiful body GOD gave us. We are all created so differently. But if we take the time to learn what makes us glamorous and sexy. It's amazing how it can promote self-confidence and a sexy persona.
Appearance. How we look to ourselves is more important than how we look to others. Feeling comfortable in our own skin is HUGE.
BODY. Be blessed with the body you have and build upon it. You don't have to be stuck with what you have. Exercise and eating healthy does some crazy things to one's body. And it totally does a ego attack on your self-confidence. Whoa I feel Good!
Color Analysis. Did you know we all wear different color tones more effectively. I'm a wintry type of person. What I'm trying to say; is with my skin tone I can wear Burgundy's, Greens, Blues, Lavenders, and purple color tones to accentuate my sexy glamorous look.
OK. I could go on and on.
My SEXY glamorous look today is with 5 fashion pieces from favorite fashion brands. MIU MIU, BALENCIAGA, HOUSE of Fraser, Moda Operandi, and SPY LOVE BUY.
Remember I have a long slender frame; so today I chose a 1.) Miu Miu Printed Duchesse Cotton-blend Skirt. Notice the length. It accentuates on my long legs. Also; I thought WEARING a 2.) BALENCIAGA Halter Bustier Top would flatter my waistline forming a slimming silhouette. Adding a 3.) House of Fraser beautiful Leopard Print Tuxedo Jacket is a great addition to my SEXY glamorous look.
Now it's accessory time. Now I'm going to take away from the long slenderizing lines I've created in my clothing pieces and go with a 4.) Rectangular Luxe Leather Bag from MODA OPERANDI to add to my sexy glamorous look.
I'm adding one last POP to this look. A pair of 5.) PRYNCESS Stiletto Heel Platform Court Shoes in Silver Glitter. Yep that's the look I'm was set to create.
What do you think? Is this a sexy glamorous look for you!   About Linda Baldridge
Hi I'm Linda Baldridge, Founder & Editor in Chief of Fashion Take-Out. I'm an advocate for fashion blogging. I'm saying goodbye to the traditional picture fashion blogging and inspiring a whole new way of looking at fashion blogging by illustrating clothing pieces through an artistic, edgy, whimsical fashion board or collage. Connect with me on Facebook: or My Google Profile

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