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Fashion Design Alert:: Popgrotto

By Fashiontakeout @FashionT_O
The other day I was looking through my personal Facebook profile, and chatting back and forth with friends and family. I came across brand name "Popgrotto" a friend of mine had referred me too. I really like their logo, so just for the hell of it I messaged them about promo t-shirts and how much they would cost.
Fashion Design Alert:: Popgrotto
To my surprise; Chris the owner responded saying he would send one for free if I would just do a little article on his company.Now is that customer service or what!
His mission is to create the largest collection of collection world wide.

If you have things that you have collected for what seems like centuries, maybe you my want to look Chris and online. He has quite the collection of cool stuff, and maybe your should be there to.
I received my Popgrotto t-shirt, I altered it as any fashion blogger would do to give it a little feminie side.

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