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Sexual Harassment: the French Finally Pay Attention

By Sedulia @Sedulia

I admit I've been following the déroulement of all the sex scandals as if it was a royal wedding or something. 

The majority of French people still seem to think that DSK was railroaded--  it was just too convenient for too many people for DSK to be out of the picture. The evidence crawling out of the woodwork, though, is showing that DSK was capable of sabotaging himself, at least when not in France. In France, he was perfectly safe, and he knew it. 

But it's a strange thing how trends work in France. Many things here become fashionable only after the Americans have started the fashion. Offhand I can think of: blue jeans, living in former industrial spaces, and the riots of 1968. Sometimes this is a good thing; but there are certainly American trends I would not like to see arrive in France, like Crocs, obesity and tasteless tomatoes. But as for sexual harassment being treated seriously, most Frenchwomen, I suspect, think it's about time. 

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