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Sex During Pregnancy

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Many mum’s often question whether sex is safe during pregnancy.They worry it will harm their unborn child. Rest assured that you will not harm your baby if sex is carried out safely.


Sex during pregnancy


Sex is safe althrough a ‘normal’ pregnancy.

Normal pregnancy- It’s a pregnancy that is  considered low-risk from any complications such as miscarriage or pre-term labor.It is best to ask your MW if you are unsure which category.


Although sex is safe you may find you don’t want to have sex.Many mums to be find that their desire for sex during certain stages in the pregnancy may change.Some mums are uncomfortable with how their body is changing.Some find that they crave sexual intercourse.


If you have any of the below complications with your pregnancy.You may be advised by your MW or GP not to engage in sexual intercourse.

Leakage of amniotic fluid

A history or threat of miscarriage

Incompetent cervix, a condition in which the cervix is weakened and dilates (opens) prematurely, raising the risk for miscarriage or premature delivery

A history of pre-term labor (you’ve previously delivered a baby before 37 weeks) or signs indicating the risk of pre-term labor

Unexplained vaginal bleeding, discharge, or cramping

Placenta previa, a condition in which the placenta (the blood-rich structure that nourishes the baby) is down so low that it covers the cervix (the opening of the uterus)

multiple babies (twins, triplets, etc.)


If you experience any pain or bleeding during or after intercourse contact your Local maternity ward as soon as possible.

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