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Seventeen and Counting

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1

The girls celebrated their seventeenth birthday for almost an entire week. We started by taking them to the Chicago Riverwalk for dinner. We walked around the Loop for a while before heading home.

Their actual birthday was very quiet. The brunette twin had golf practice. The blond twin had a swim meet. She was very excited when she came home. She won both her heats. Both girls brought their teams treats.

Birthday calls came in. Birthday cards arrived in the mailbox. 

They talked about having friends over for a low-key party. When we threw the big Sweet 16 bash last year, we told them it was the last birthday party. It was one last big birthday celebration with their family and friends. We would do something to celebrate their 17th year, but not a party.

Of course, all the pronouncements went out the window with Covid-19. They don't have that many opportunities to see their friends. We planned an outdoor get together with a few friends. Daddy found  Monical's pizza close enough to get some frozen pizzas. We bought ice cream cakes. They put out bean bag games and a volleyball net. 

We built a fire in the fire pit when it turned a bit colder. Ally & friends snuggled under blankets near the end of the night. 

It was a small sense of normalcy in a very abnormal time. It was good to see all the girls laughing and chatting and hanging out. It was a good way to celebrate number 17.

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