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Seven Things You Might Not Know About Me

By Tanvi Rastogi @tanviidotcom
After a decade of blogging, I do not believe there is much left that I have not already shared on the blog. But I had this post idea in draft for months and the type-A person in my took it as a challenge and hence the post! 

I managed have to come up with seven things I believe most people might not know about me. It was fun to rack my brains and self-analyze. Hope you enjoy the post. 
Indigo Summer Dress
1. I have only voted once in my life

I am Indian and after turning 18 I had only lived in the country one year and casted my vote once. I have not been in India since. The country does not have absentee voting. So that is that!
City Center
2. Two Months of Dating
Are you ready for this? I dated my husband for a grand total of 2 months before he proposed and we got married two months later. Total of four months of knowing him, I was married and in a new city living with him. We will soon be married for 12 years. So I guess, so far so good?
Waxing The City
3. Minimal Make-Up
Some of you might already know that I didn't own much make up up until I turned 30. I am 36 now. And this year, I have not bought ANY make-up at all. Well, not yet anyways. 
Amanda Uprichard Baltimore
4. Never cooked a complete meal until I got married
I regularly share my kitchen chronicles on Insta-Stories. One might think I must love cooking. I don't. I had not cooked anything beyond pasta or boiled potatoes till I got married and moved here. Even today, if my husband isn't home I never cook. Nothing except a sandwich. 
Shoshanna Amora Dress
5. I am a HUGE movie buff
Now if you do listen to my podcast (on Hindi movies) you  might know this, but if not here goes - I am a big movie buff. I can watch movies all day, every day. And sometimes I do. And now that winter is around the corner and I am going to go in hibernation, I will be back to being a proud couch potato watching movies and TV shows. 
Beanie Head
I have never missed a Monday Outfit Post
I have been blogging for a decade and ever since I started regular outfit blogging (at first the blog was about fitness and my musings) I have always posted an outfit on Monday, rain or shine. It is rarely ever sponsored. I just enjoy doing it so much that I do not want to ever skip on it. 
AVA Noma
In my next birth I want to be a dancer
If given a chance I would be born as a natural (and flexible) dancer. Before you say that I can still pursue it, trust me I have tried. I do not look as graceful. I am okay, not one gets hurt when I move, but I would not call myself a 'dancer' and I would very much like to.

Now your turn, share something I might not know about you? I would really like to hear from you. :)

Seven Things You Might Not Know About Me
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