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Seven Links

By Monetm1218 @monetmoutrie
On Sunday, Lynne from 365 days of baking, asked me to participate in a 7-link challenge. Normally, I pass on these requests (due to a lack of time, not desire), but since many of you have only recently been visiting, I thought this challenge would be a great way to share some of my favorite older posts.
Tomorrow, I'll be back with a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cake, but today, I'll share some older goodies.
My Most Beautiful Post: Pan De Muerto.  This beautiful bread is a joy to make, serve and eat. By far, this is one of my prettiest yeast creations.
Picture My Most Popular Post: Strawberry Rustic Tart. Elegant yet simple. This tart received 115!
Picture My Most Controversial Post: Sorry, not much controversy here.
My Most Helpful Post: Bagels. We all need to make them. They are a lot easier than most people think, and I hope the instructions in this post encourage you all to try!
Picture A Post that was Surprisingly Successful: Apple Buttercream Cookies. Who would have thought cooked apples and buttercream would taste so heavenly?
Picture The Post that Did Not Get the Attention It Deserved: Honey Wheat Soft Pretzels. These are GOOD.
Picture The Post I'm Most Proud of: the Beloved Browns.  When my sister and her family were in a horrific car accident this March, I wrote. I felt the love and support of hundreds, and I allowed you all to see my process of grief and healing. I shared  in hopes that my words would help me and my family process. I shared in hopes that my words would touch those who also grieve.
Picture Thank you for asking me to participate, Lynne!
Anecdotes and Apple Cores

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