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Serpentine Cryptophanies

By Tantrawave @planetbuddha
Rivers, streams, currents: they are perfect, gross-material metaphors of Mind.  And, cosmically and even quantum-mechanically speaking, they are all literally Mind, as is everything else.  So for the purpose of this article I'm going to stick with the apropos metaphorical aspect, for now. A few days ago I had a "real time" dream of a colossal black snake; it was so enormous it could devour me whole.  Oddly enough I was annoyed with its presence but wasn't afraid of it.  The thought I had in the dream was: "I hope it doesn't decide to eat me," but I was just letting it be, and I wasn't doing anything one way or another to provoke it or pacify it.  It was just there, it was aware of my presence as it was of mine, it assessed me and that was the gist of it.  It was so rife with promise, this dream, that I decided to Google "giant black snake," and came upon the following (hoax) image: Serpentine Cryptophanies Reported the photo was taken from a helicopter, 11 February 2009. The recurring synchronistic theme seems to be that of the authentic cloaked in hoax.  This is a pattern. The esoteric is always Secret, and needs to be protected. What better protection is there? It's the principle of the pristine lotus flower growing in turbid mud. Aren't the most profound truths and their kernels hidden in the authoritatively rejected apocryphas and mystical esoterica of world religions of the masses? Have I revealed something here by stating the above? Not really, because for debunkers and people who do not resonate with "ultra-, hyperhistorical" telos, it's all delusion and BS, which is right where we want it. This is not about ego and validation, in fact the whole 2012 is going down the chute of oblivion really fast; let not the people who had hope be disheartened. The authentic Year of the Snake according to the lunar calendar has not begun yet, but as noted in a past article, the year's Sexegenary field is that of "water putting out fire."  Synchronistically, I came upon the Mandala of Tenkawa Shrine in Japan, of a very unusual Serpentine Benzai-ten, who in Sanskrit is known as Sarasvati, a celestial of good fortune and eloquence, named after a river.   Serpentine Cryptophanies Rivers, streams, snakes; they are all one and the same, they are movements of life force.  Esoteric truth is sometimes cloaked in hoax, where it remains protected; only those who know, know, and there is no more to it. The coiled Kundalini is moving and assessing its year, its year of water putting out fire. As the new Aeon continues to unfold, may the celestial waters of pristine clarity and wisdom put out the feverish fires of calamities of all kinds in the world.    
Serpentine Cryptophanies Tenkawa Shrine Benzai-ten Mandala

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