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(Series:1 Ep.1) Ultimate Team Player of The Week

Posted on the 24 January 2013 by M00kyst @mookyst
Introduction: This new series will be weekly and will feature my pick of a FIFA 13 Ultimate Team player who I want to highlight. The player may be well known or lesser known; either way they are a player who I believe is worth noting and reviewing. Each episode will be posted on both Michael The Kyle and Michael The Entertainer. Each series will be the duration of a FIFA game.
(Series:1 Ep.1) Ultimate Team Player of The Week

Víctor Hugo Montaño

(Series:1 Ep.1) Ultimate Team Player of The WeekClub: Stade RennaisLeague: Ligue 1Nation: ColombiaPosition: ST (Striker)Height: 5'9"Foot: RightWeek Foot: * * *Skill Moves: * * *Attacking Workrate: MediumDefensive Workrate: MediumAverage Cost: 300-500 CoinsBase Stats:Pace: 80Shooting: 75Passing: 65Dribbling: 76Defensive: 53Heading: 72

Why is he so good?

 Montano is one of those players whose card does not even close do justice to what they are capable of. His pace certainly feels more like 83-4 than 80, as he is quick and speedy to get away from defenders. He gets into great positions so he is always available to pass to and get in on goal. Similarly, his dribbling is far underrated, as is his agility rating. He is able to dribble round players well, although the main key to his success in this area comes from his quick turning. Getting away from the opposition in a tight area is easy enough. His agility, which is rated 66 is far from justifying of how he plays in game. Certainly, he feels as agile as Alexandre Pato in many instances.His shooting is arguably his best skill, despite being only 75 rated. He is able to put away chance after chance with no hassle at all. Quite simply; his shooting is outstanding. There's no point going on and on trying to give examples of his excellent shooting ability, but let's just say he managed to score a 35+ yard volley from the edge of the pitch on the turn for me in a match. He can finish inside or outside the penalty area with any kind of shot. Truly excellent.In terms of passing, Montano links up with fellow players fairly well. He can play simple passes left and right but don't count on him pulling off an exuberant long pass over the heads of defenders to a player making a run. He gets the job done, but that's as far as it goes.Obviously no one really cares if a forward is good at defending or not, although it's always nice to have a striker who is good at pressuring defenders. Montano is surprisingly good at tackling too, however. He is great at containing defenders and making tackles and, ultimately, winning the ball. That said, his strength, while satisfactory, is nothing amazing and is comparable to Faclao, but slightly weaker.Heading is the last base stat to cover and, quite frankly, it is nothing to brag about. He can win a header OK but getting it into the back of the net is another story. They aren't always on target and even when they are, they are saved easily due to their low power. If the goalkeeper is out of position and no more than one defender is marking him, Montano can put headers away, but those are very special circumstances and so this should not be a part of his game to focus on.Ultimately, Montano performs extremely well. I still own him, myself, and have a separate squad dedicated to him and other underrated players. His shooting is brilliant, dribbling and agility great and his pace feels faster than stated.Should you buy him?With so many well rated gold players easily available for cheap prices, it would seem hard to justify buying one rated lower than average. For example, it's easy to get the likes of Vagner Love - a great Brazilian striker with better base stats than Montano - for only a slightly higher price or even the same in some instances.That said, not every player does perform to their stated stats, and it can be hard to find players, especially forwards, who perform well and score a lot of goals. Montano, despite his lower rating, does do this, so he is definitely worth a look. It would be easy to recommend him for a particular squad (ie. an Italian Squad, Premiere League squad etc.) however, given his fairly obscure league, country and club, it is unlikely anyone would need him for any such squads.He is definitely worth a look, no matter what your interest and is a very capable player. Given his cheap price and easy availability, it is worth just picking him up and trying him out.

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