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Series + Standalone = Companion Novels {Discuss #4}

By Littlebookstar @LittleBookStar

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I think series are wonderful, but has its ups and downs. If the first book left you hanging at the edge of your seat, of course you’d want the book to have a sequel because of that mean cliff hanger. There’s nothing wrong with series, but I’m just tired of reading them. That’s what I’ve been feeling about series lately. There’s seriously a LOT of series out there and I kinda just want to read A book. Just 1 book with the beginning and an end in 1 book. Just 1. If I’d have to choose between series & standalones, I’d choose standalones. Series are sometimes the reason why I refuse to read THAT book. Ok JUST FOR EXAMPLE, I wanted to read Marked by P.C. Cast..BUT I found out there’s 16 more books in the series.


I love love love standalone books. Most of my favorite books are standalone. I love how everything is just in 1 book. The beginning and the ending are right there in front of you. You don’t have to wait for the next book and when the sequel is finally out, you probably already forgot what happened during the first book. The down part of standalone is when it’s SO GOOD you want a sequel on it BUT there’s no sequel

nada! But that can also be a positive side because you can invent your own ending or continuation.

Series + Standalone = Companion Novels
Ermagerd companion novels are just oh so perfect for me. We’re like a perfect match! It’s a series YET  standalone. Enough said. I just think it’s perfect. You don’t have to read the 1st book in order to read the 2nd and you can write your reviews without stressing over on how you’re going to avoid putting in spoilers.

Talk to me! What do you think? What are your opinions, feelings, rants, etc. on series, standalones and companion novels? Which one do you prefer?

This is part of the Let’s Discuss meme hosted by Oh, Chrys! & Fiction Conniption.

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