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Series Selection #3

Posted on the 27 July 2012 by Theliteraturelion @LiteratureLion

Series Selection #3Hey guys! This is a new feature called Series Selection, where I take books that are sequels or parts of a series, and I write mini-reviews for them! When I write sequel reviews, I always feel I have spoilers or something, so by doing these, I limit the amount of spoilers! I'll make these posts every few weeks when I read a couple books that are a part of a series.
Taken by Storm (Raised by Wolves, #3)
Taken By Storm by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
(Raised By Wolves #3)Bryn is still a human in this one, and functioning as alpha isn't very easy because of it. I really liked the plot behind this one, with the rogue wolf on the loose. Lots of different things factor into this novel, which made it really exciting! Be prepared to get very emotional at the end of this novel!4 STARS
Torn Torn by Amanda Hocking
(Trylle Trilogy #2)This book had so many 'WHAT?!' moments to it, but that's what made it good! Some of the 'WHAT?!' moments include: Tove, Elora, Willa, Matt, and HOLY CRAP THE VITTRA. Wendy was as awesome as ever, and Finn became really stupid at times. Loki was just amazing. I kind of actually like him, but at the same time I really like Finn! Anyways, Ascend should be REALLY good!5 STARS
Dreamless (Starcrossed, #2) Dreamless by Josephine Angelini
(Starcrossed #2)
LUCAS. I missed reading about him, but he definitely changed in this novel. In some ways it was good, other ways it was bad. As the novel progressed, things were resolved between Helen, Lucas, and the other characters, such as Orion and Hector! There was lot of exciting action, intense romance, and funny moments - you won't be let down!4 STARS
Until I Die (Revenants, #2)Until I Die by Amy Plum(Revenants #2)BUM BUM BUM. Evil numa alert! But that doesn't stop this novel from being super cool! I love how Kate still manages to be semi-normal with all these undead people, like worrying about brushing her teeth, and understanding that she needs normal friends back home too. Some of the characters are awesome in this - others seem awesome but turn out to be not-so-awesome. :\ Also, read page 259, and YOU MUST LAUGH. I fricken read that passage like 5 times and had a laughing fit each time!  4 STARS
It's Not Summer Without You (Summer, #2)It's Not Summer Without You by Jenny Han (Summer #2)This Summer series is the best one yet. The first book, I BAWLED through, and in this one I wanted to cry so much but for some reasons I couldn't cry. Stupid me. Anyways, I'm all for Jeremiah now, but I still feel really bad or Conrad. This book was just so fricken good, but it wasn't as good as the first one, I'd say!4 STARS
Taken by Storm (Raised by Wolves, #3) Taken By Storm by Jennifer Lynn Barnes(Raised by Wolves #3)This novel really dug deep for me! There were times when I was reading where I thought that if I really wanted to that I could just cry and let it all out. It was an emotional journey, and the ending was just... woah. I cannot wait for the next novel to see what happens to these awesome characters! 4 STARS
Series Selection #3

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