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By Ashleylister @ashleylister
This week's title SERENDIPITY...a delightful word...even baby girls were named thus. The meaning being - a chance event or meeting with a pleasurable, interesting or valuable outcome. In fact some happening that occurs by chance and makes you feel good, does good, or gives you a " lift " Now that must be altogether a good thing, in a busy world. I guess it is often associated with LOVE... that chance meeting between two people, that blossoms into a meaningful and lasting relationship.
    Recently I had two serendipitous occurrences in one day in one spot...nothing at all to do with love..but two chance meetings that made me think with pleasure on a past encounter and the other that gave me joy and rewarded me with a pleasant surprise. So let's get on with it...
    On holiday recently, we pulled into a lay-by near Kinlochleven. It was a beautiful, warm morning when a motorcycle drew in and the rider introduced himself as a retired local deer stalker. We got to chatting about the mountains etc and he started to tell me of his uncle, who had been badly injured by an exploding mine in the last war, how he had a tin leg and was blind. Immediately I interrupted him, " You're going to tell me about Syd Scroggie ! " He replied that yes indeed that was his late uncles name and asked how I knew of him. Well I'd met him in the Grampian Mountains when I was about 13 years of age, and that that encounter had so impressed me it was etched into my memory. So we chatted of this " link " that we'd established and it made me glad inside to share the memory. That same evening we dined in Kinlochleven and whilst eating overheard a very polite American young man ask about buses to Fort William. Well it was Sunday ! No buses that way, at that time of day. A taxi proved costly for him and he was quite 'lost'. Anyway we were going to the main road and I knew that long haul buses passed through going to Fort William and so we offered him a lift. On the journey he asked if we'd heard of CBS, and we said " Yes" an American News Station. He told us he worked for them and had come over to UK early to cover the Golf Open at St. Andrews. As he left the car he handed over two cards and told us that if were ever in New York to look him up. The card read his name and title...Production Manager CBS Sports !! Well you could have knocked me over with a feather ! Again another pleasant encounter---two in one day at one remote spot ! Now that's SERENDIPITY !!!
    So to today's poem...about love..written in February 1969.
Why you from all the rest,
I'll never know?
Why did we meet that day,
An act of fate or mere coincidence ?
Was it the hand of some unseen
Force that pulled us together ?
Was it the moment of truth for
Two people?
What was it ?
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