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* September Cooking Class

By Keepingupwithsonnek @aJOschlomka
September cooking class- if I had to describe it in just a couple of words I would say GARDEN FRESH! This is also the perfect opportunity for me to talking about my changing taste buds- and as Aaron claims, a sure sign of getting old!
* September Cooking Class
A few weeks ago as we sat down to eat dinner, I mentioned to Aaron that I "really like this, tomatoes and everything!" to which he responded "you like tomatoes... you're getting old" Thanks Hubby! This is so true, as I get older I am finding that I like more than I used to... Tell me I am not alone on this and I am not sounding completely mental right now??
Anywayssss..... back to the topic at hand! September cooking class. I was at both classes this month and glad to be- the food was tasty and I was HAPPY to enjoy it twice! The menu included a Grilled Margarita Pizza {Avrie LOVED this pizza- I will be making this one again soon!}, Orzo Stuffed Tomatoes {different and surprisingly really good!}, Stuffed Green Pepper Soup {three letters Y-U-M!} and Cucumber Dill Appetizer Bite {light & easy}! Each item included the POM Wildtree's California Style Garlic Pepper Blend- which happens to be my favorite every spice.
* September Cooking Class [product photo via link above]
Dessert was a Baked Apple Wonton topped with any sweet topping you see fit; chocolate, caramel, whipped cream, cinnamon- all of the above!
* September Cooking Class
Seeing that this class was a couple of months ago, I can say that I have made the Stuffed Green Pepper Soup for dinner here at home. I changed it up by using cooked wild rice vs. plain white rice, it was tasty!
* September Cooking Class
Now I am off to whip up a post about October's class seeing that it's already Nov 2nd!! Come back to see what we cooked and chowed down on in October.

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