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September 23rd Is... (Includes Printable Freebies)

By Catherine Mcdiarmid-Watt @frugalfreebies
Image: Rosie, from the Jetsons, by Deidre Woollard on Flickr
September 23rd is... Checkers Day, Fish Amnesty Day, The Jetsons' Debuted (1962), Airmail Started (1911), Celebrate Bi-Sexuality Day, National Seat Check Day, and Innergize Day.
PLUS - interesting books to read and free printables, papercrafts, kid crafts, activities and coloring pages...
Photo credit: Rosie, from the Jetsons,
by Deidre Woollard on Flickr
Some rights reserved

The Jetsons' Debuted (1962)
- The Jetsons may have had it easy when it came to everyday life, but they always had problems when it came to machines automatically waking them up for work and putting timers on the food machines when it's time to eat.
Image: The Jetsons: The Official Guide to the Cartoon Classic, by Danny Graydon (Author). Publisher: Running Press (March 29, 2011)pixelRead: The Jetsons: The Official Guide to the Cartoon Classic
-- a fun and fact-filled guide to all things Orbit City! Officially licensed from Warner Bros., it includes everything you need to know about your favorite characters, memorable moments, and funny gadgets from 2062. So hop in your flying car and get ready to blast into the futuristic past with this hilariously informative guide to all things Jetson!
Free Printables, Coloring Pages, Activities and Crafts:
Movie Worksheet: Did the Jetson's Really Predict the Future?
ESL worksheets for beginners: The Jetsons
Jetsons Coloring Pages
The Jetsons - George Jetson Cube Craft Free Paper Toy
The Jetsons - Rosie Jetson Free Paper Craft
The Jetsons Sheet Music

Checkers Day
- celebrate Checkers Day with a few games of checkers, perhaps a little coffee and cake, and plenty of fun!
Fish Amnesty Day
- the PETA animal rights organization's protest against National Hunting and Fishing Day.
Airmail Started (1911)
- The first official American Airmail delivery was made on September 23, 1911, by pilot Earle Ovington under the authority of the United States Post Office Department. The Post Office lost money on air mail service: between 1918 and 1925, its air mail service had cost $17 million to operate and had brought in less than a third of that.
Celebrate Bi-Sexuality Day
- This day is a call for bisexual, pansexual, friends and supporters to recognize and celebrate bisexuality, bisexual history, bisexual community and culture, and the bi/pansexual people in their lives
National Seat Check Day
- Vehicle safety events and child safety seat checks are being held today around the country to help you make sure that each and every time you take your child in your car, he or she is safely restrained.
Innergize Day
- For all of you who never seem to find time for yourselves, today is the day to do whatever you want!

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