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Sephora Eye Shadow That Helps Canine Companions for Independence

By Steveliu @charitablegift

Sephora Eye Shadow that Helps Canine Companions for IndependenceSephora has a neat assortment of eye shadows called Buxom Stay-There Eye Shadow. They come in all colors, from shimmering black to vibrant copper red to vivid violet plum.

They’ve done something different and named each color after a different dog. Why? Because for every purchase of this particular eye shadow, Sephora will donate a percentage to Canine Companions for Independence, a great organization that trains service dogs and provides them at no cost to children and adults with disability.

I don’t need to describe the quality of Sephora eye shadow, of course–it’s plush, stays put, is lightweight, has amazingly vivid color, and is formulated without nasty things like sulfates and synthetic fragrances. And with aloe extract and vitamin E, they’re good for delicate skin.

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