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Separation and Divorce Strategies for Families

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Dealing Effectively with Separation and Divorce as a Family


How to help children survive separation and divorce in six easy steps…

Separation and divorce are more common now than they have ever been. The high frequencies of these two things have made it difficult for kids to get through their childhoods without acquiring some emotional baggage. However, there are steps that can be taken to reduce the amount of baggage that kids have to carry around with them because of their parents’ divorce.


Separation Strategies

Many couples separate as a way to try out a divorce before committing to it. The separation also provides the couple with the opportunity to reconcile. To help kids deal with a separation the first thing that needs to be done is to explain how the separation is going to work.

Another separation strategy that you can try is to create a visual schedule for your kids. This strategy will provide your kids with a visual reference that they can use to track what is happening in their lives. This schedule will include both parents’ work schedules, school schedules and schedules of when the kids will be with each parent during the week.

What is very important to develop during the separation phase of a divorce is a practical and effective communication system. This system will involve the definition of appropriate communication methods and rules for how much communication will be required between each member of the family.


Divorce Strategies

When a separation moves to divorce strategies for protecting your kids need to increase. The first children and divorce strategy that you can use will be to reinforce the notion that you are still a family unit. This hasn’t changed just because the parents are no longer married.


The second strategy is to become more active in your children’s lives. This will reinforce your loving and supportive connection with them and it will help develop a stronger bond between you. It is important to note that parents need to be involved in their kids’ lives, but they need to be careful not to become to controlling or overbearing. Kids need freedom and independence in order to develop into mature adults.


The final strategy is to make it possible for the child to be a part of their other parent’s life. This is very important. Kids need to know that it is okay with you that they still love and enjoy spending time with their other parent.

Separation and Divorce Strategies for Families


Helping children survive separation and divorce is a challenge. However, if you focus on doing what is right for your kids you will not go wrong. Things that will help are open communication, unconditional love and a lot of patience.


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