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SEO Optimized Content and Its Value for Any Website Or Blog

Posted on the 16 February 2013 by Mustofpain @MustafaPayne

SEO optimized content means visibility

Publishing web content isn’t enough, and while publishing good quality web content is definitely better, if this content isn’t really structured and optimized following a SEO strategy in order to deserve a more effective indexing by search engines, the quality itself isn’t enough and even a rich content site has little or no chance to stand up in front of less rich competition if the latter is based on SEO optimized content.

What you really need is make your content visible, thus the need for SEO optimization. It’s like having a business on a street: if nobody walks on that street, your business will fail, but when hundreds or thousands of people walk by, you’ve got more and more chances to get noticed by some of them. You need to appear at the top (“rank high“) in organic search results on Google and other major search engines, that is those results not produced with pay per click (PPC) campaign, but as you’ll discover in a few seconds SEO optimized content is just part of the equation for your success.

SEO optimized content isn’t enough without copywriting

Of course, following the above business example, you also need to present it in a way people can get interested and be motivated to enter, and here comes the other important element for web success: grabbing people’s attention and keep it alive long enough to produce results. This second but not less important aspect hasn’t much to do with SEO optimized content, but instead involves copywriting techniques and strategies.

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