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Web Pages on Kindle: How to Read Them Offline

Posted on the 12 November 2013 by Mustofpain @MustafaPayne

Web pages on Kindle: you can browse without an Internet connection

Amazon Kindle reader has a native ‘experimental’ web browser in its latest models, but everybody knows how clumsy and unefective may be web browsing on the Kindle device.

That’s why several tools became available and allowed Kindle users to read web pages offline on their device.

Using send to Kindle extensions for web browsers

To read web pages on Kindle you first have to capture them, then you cansend them to the Kindle reader and this can be achieved on the browser itself: in fact there are several browser extensions to send web pages to the Kindle and read them offline. These extensions are available for the main browsers, so you can find Chrome plugins for sending web pages to the Kindle and also Firefox extensions to send web pages to the Kindle. You could also use the Readability send to Kindle option on both browsers to capture, format for reading and send web pages to the Kindle for offline reading. Offline web browsing is thus achieved easily, but it’s not just limited to single pages.

Reading multiple web pages on Kindle

If you want to read more web pages on Kindle you can use a popular service like InstaPaper, or less popular but still effective tools like GrabMyBooks or ReadLists. These tools allow you to collect the pages you want to read and deliver them to the Kindle in form of ebook, for offline reading.

Reading RSS and News Feed offline on the Kindle

Another way of reading web pages on Kindle is to sync RSS Feeds and News from blogs and online newspapers: this can be achieved using the Calibre software.

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