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SEO-Hacker: Home of Awesome People

By Robin Salvador @vinzsalvador23

Would you believe that the top reason why an individual employee lasted for so long in their employer is not about the compensation? According to an article from Center for Values Research, the main reason why an employee stays in his/her company is because of the company's environment. I would have to say that "I couldn't agree more", because in my own experiences of having my 4th employers from the time I started working, I'm always searching for a better environment with awesome people, great leaders and a not-so perfect management. Yes! you read it right! We cannot find a perfect management that will cater all the needs and wants of every employees but for me their imperfection is what makes them perfect. SEO-Hacker is one of those imperfect companies. Just like us humans, it has a lot of flaws, weaknesses and shortcomings but just like every individual, it is a work in progress that's trying its best to cater all the needs of the employees. And if you look back four years ago from its humble beginning, you'll be amaze on how God moves in every aspect of this company.

I always wanted to write a blog about how grateful I am being a part of the SEO-Hacker family. If you'll take a look in my writing tools' Scrivener and Zenwriter's draft folder, I attempted to write about SEO-Hacker three times, the first one is when I reached my sixth month and was regularized, second was on my birthday and third was when I got promoted and reached my first year in the company. But just like a quote from Wilson Kanadi "There's always a right time for everything. Sometimes you have to make it, but sometimes you need to wait for it", which I think that this is the perfect time for it. With so many reasons why I'm very thankful of being part of this awesome team, I listed down the top ten things I learned in SEO-Hacker.

Taking Full Responsibilities

I'm not a leader-type and I have a very low self-esteem - but that was before. When I joined SEO-Hacker as a Link Builder, I learned how to rely on my own decision, from day-to-day decisions of what tasks I will do down to the biggest decision of what strategies I will apply for effective link building. I remember there were a lot of times when I was banned from different forum sites because of not following the moderator's instructions. I always got nervous because my Boss will get mad at me, but I don't have any regrets that I experienced all of these because I learned how to take the responsibilities and to work smart.

Working Smart is different from working hard

I'm the workaholic type of person and my previous and current co-workers can testify to that. I want to finish my tasks as early as possible even if I take an overtime from work just to finish everything and meet my deadlines. I remembered, In my previous company, I always work 12-14 hours a day without the feeling of burning out. And when I started working in SEO-Hacker, that mindset still remains. I'm working 10-12 hours a day just to finish my tasks and yet I still don't get high-quality results of output. In my 3rd-month evaluation, most of my leaders told me that there's a fine line between working hard and working smart. I pondered on this thought and started to improve my working strategies, read a lot of books and started to balance my time that really helped me in organizing my time with God, family, work, friends and other personal stuff.

SEO is my future

Some people are looking for a job that can make an impact especially in their career growth, and I must say that I'm one of those people. I guess that's the reason why I already had four employers in the span of five years of working. But when SEO-Hacker came, I finally found my voice and this is my path that I want to take for the rest of my life. I can sense a lot of positive things in the future of SEO here in the Philippines. SEO-Hacker and the leaders of this company helped me in different areas of my career in this kind of industry. I know I need to learn a lot of things about SEO but now I envision myself that one day I'll be having my own SEO Company.

Innovation is a must

SEO is a fast-paced moving industry and if you're just being stagnant and complacent, you have no place in this kind of industry, you'll be left behind eventually. One of the core-values of SEO-Hacker is to Innovate. At first, I don't understand why the company is forcing us to continuously innovate because I'm used to doing things on a day-to-day basis just to finish my daily tasks. But when I tried innovating and found myself successful in a specific task, I realized how important it is because you'll learn new things that is outside of the box and eventually you'll realize that you're doing great things that are not part of the spoon-feeding program of the company. You'll discover and improve your hidden talents and skills in specific areas.

Finding my tone in Writing

Just like the description in the about page of my website, I'm not a good writer, not even close. But when I stepped in here, in SEO-Hacker, I started to learn and develop my passion in writing. It started when I wrote my very first article in a free wordpress blog which is my life's testimony and when I realized that I want to pursue my writing prowess, SEO-Hacker provided a Paid-Wordpress domain which is At first, I didn't have a direction on a specific niche to write and my tone in writing is inconsistent. With great heart and passion in writing, I started to love what I'm doing. I read a lot of self-help books, articles, forums and commentaries to develop my skills in writing.

It's not always about earnings but learnings

I'll be honest, SEO-Hacker is not that great when it comes to compensation. I'm earning two times bigger from my previous employer compared to the salary I'm earning here in SEO-Hacker but after a year of working in this company, I realized that all the knowledge and skills that I gained while working for SEO-Hacker is incomparable to any monetary value that any of my previous employer could offer. This company provides a big room for every individual to grow in their own knowledge and passion.

Aside from all the things I learned here in SEO-Hacker, there are countless reasons why I am very thankful to be part of this awesome team. Here are some of the things I love to mention with you:

We're not a company - We're family

If I could summarize this entire article, it definitely boils down to one word - "family". It's not rare to find a team of five to ten persons wherein you can treat each other as family but it's rare to find a team that is composed of twenty to thirty people wherein even though each and every one of us have their own personalities, we can still jive with each other, talk everything under the sun, share your personal struggles, pray for each other, laugh together and work as one team - that is what SEO-Hacker is all about. You'll hate your workload sometimes but never the environment that this company is known for.

Link Building team or the White hat Ninjas

We're not spammer nor black hat ninjas, we're just a team composed of very talented individuals who are very passionate to turn our efforts into links. I have been part of this team since the start of my career in this company way back in 2013 and all I can say is that I'm really blessed and very thankful that God placed me where I am today. Also, I just want to take this opportunity to say my sincerest gratitude to my previous teammates and leader, Sir Robert "Paps" who is happily married now with a very cute little angel Rizabelle, to Nia who is now pursuing her own business and love-life, to Aubrey who is now the head of our Social Media team, to Denise who is currently on her training to pursue her career as a professional photographer and a chance to work with her parents on a cruise, also down to our two on-the-job training buddies Aaron and Eugene, and Mafe as our newest link builder. Of course this article is not complete without mentioning my hardworking, passionate, focused and always-happy "current" Link Building team.

SEO-Hacker: Home of Awesome People

Jona is one of the Link Development Specialists, who you can rely on to execute her tasks well. She enjoys watching her favorite basketball team which is the Los Angeles Lakers, and loves Kobe Bryant so much. She is also an avid fan of the DLSU Lady Spikers, so expect her shouting Ara Galang's name at every volleyball game.

SEO-Hacker: Home of Awesome People

Jill is a Link Development Specialist for 5 days a week, and a movie geek 24/7. When you need help with editing and writing articles, she's one of the go-to people that will surely give you a hand. Aside from being the lovable geek, Jill also aspires to become a great writer and artist.

SEO-Hacker: Home of Awesome People

Paulo, believed to be raised by ninjas, is one of link building's specialist. He is an all around SEO practitioner constantly split-testing ranking methods that always get SEO experts on their toes. He's got more tools than batman's belt and can rank websites faster than you can cook your breakfast. Don't bother following him on twitter since he's being monitored by the CIA.

SEO-Hacker: Home of Awesome People

Mafe is our newest Link Development Specialist, you can expect her to finished the given tasks on time. She is a people person. She's not into sports but she loves watching basketball specially when her favorite basketball team plays, San Mig. She's a big fan of James Yap and Pingris. Ever since her dream is to work in a corporate world.

Full of fun-activities after office hours

With having the benefits of sleeping in the office almost everyday, you can save a lot of time and free yourself from the hassle and stress of traffic. Here in SEO-Hacker, there's not a single day that you'll find yourself bored while waiting for another sunshine to come. We have a lot of activities to bond over. Here are some to name a few:

The list goes on... but here are some other activities that SEO-Hacker family is doing: Running, Jogging, Playing cards, Gym, Movie Marathon and Drinking.

Being part of this growing family is one of the best things that has ever happened in my life and I'll definitely treasure everything that I have learned, experienced and gained in my stay here in this company. I'm so excited for what is in store for all of us in the years to come.

"I will give thanks to You, O Lord my God, with all my heart, And will glorify Your name forever." - Psalm 86:12

To end this, let me leave to you this simple AV Presentation that I created and I hope you like it.

P.S. Please set the quality in 480p.



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