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Sensational Segway Adventure

By Briarjensen @BriarJensen

Segways are like an extension of your bodyFor sensational family fun don’t get on your bike, get on a Segway and float above the ground.

OK, it’s not quite levitating, but the Segway personal transporter does feel like it hovers above the ground rather than rides over it, and that’s a thrilling sensation.

Looking a bit like a pogo stick with wheels the Segway uses dynamic stabilisation technology, including gyroscopic sensors, to make it self-balancing once you’re standing on it.

Like an extension of your body it senses your movements and the changing terrain then responds accordingly.  To move forward or backward, you just lean forward or backward; to stop you stand up straight and to turn you lean in the direction you want to go.

Sensational Segway Adventure
Basically, if you can stand up you can ride one, although their size dictates children need to be about nine years old and there are weight restrictions (between 30 and 120kg).

It definitely feels a bit weird initially, but it doesn’t take long to get the hang of riding one and then you fall in love with the sensation and want to take the Segway home.  

 Segway Tours in Sydney operates at Newington Armory in Sydney Olympic Park and offers 30-minute fun rides through to 90-minute all-terrain adventures. Unless you’ve got very young children who might tire, you should definitely go for the longest tour, which still isn’t enough!

Sensational Segway Adventure
All rides start with individual tuition, then a guide accompanies you around the park. As your confidence builds they’ll teach you new skills and soon you’ll be zooming off, spinning around and racing each other – with a permanent grin plastered on your face.

Our family has done it twice and can’t wait to do it again. Sure it’s not cheap, but it makes a memorable special occasion family outing you’ll be talking about for ages.

Sydney: Segway Tours Ph 1300 85 99 83,

Queensland: Segway Safaris are available at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat. See  

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