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Senior Safety Tips for the Sandwich Generation

By Parentingauthor @ParentingAuthor
Senior Safety Tips for the Sandwich GenerationAs parents, our first concern is often for our children. We want to be sure they’re safe at all times. But many of us -- members of the “Sandwich Generation” -- have another concern: our parents or even grandparents. According to the Pew Research Center, more than 1 in 8 Americans between the ages of 40 and 60 is caring for both a child and a parent. This can be especially challenging when you live apart from your loved one or work outside the home and can’t be with them consistently. Following are some tips for helping the seniors you care for be safer.
• If your loved one is still driving, ride with him or her frequently to be sure they can still handle the challenges of the road.
• Many seniors are computer-savvy, but may need to be reminded not to put personal information online or click on links in emails. Seniors are often the targets of thieves who want to get their hands on retirement nest eggs. Teach seniors how to recognize potential Internet scams.
Senior Safety Tips for the Sandwich Generation• If a senior becomes incapacitated, it’s important that the family be able to access important passwords, account numbers and documents, such as wills. You can do this by using a secure service like the Master Lock Vault.
• Consider getting your senior relative a medical alert system so they can reach someone if they become ill or injured.
• Make sure to regularly change batteries in smoke alarms and have working fire extinguishers in the house. Consider a home-delivery meal service for seniors who can no longer cook safely.
Senior Safety Tips for the Sandwich Generation• Install the best locks available to secure your loved one’s home. Master Lock has a wide variety of high-quality locks for both interior and exterior doors. Make copies of all keys for yourself.
• Clearly label medications and place in containers labeled by day to minimize the risk of overdose. Check on your loved one’s medication use frequently to be sure that prescriptions are being taken correctly.
These are just a few of the steps you can take to help the senior members of your family live safely. If you’re part of the Sandwich Generation, feel free to share your tips in the Comments section below!
Senior Safety Tips for the Sandwich Generation
Disclosure: As a member of the Master Lock Live Secure Safety Squad, I have received products and compensation to facilitate my honest reviews and as a thank-you for sharing valuable information. All opinions are 100% my own.

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