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Self Worth And Love

By Ldsapologetics
Sin is more like a crust of ignorance we wear around a divinely created soul. Between western religions and eastern religions there is a fundamental difference in outlook.
Western religions promote a deficiency model. That model relies on outside supernatural help to attain salvation. It's as if our leaders were saying that we are so broken and sinful that we can't help ourselves we need outside help.
Whereas the eastern model relies on an understanding of humanity at its core being divine and perfect but the illusionary work is what contaminates us. It is that understanding of the world being an illusion that confuses us and causes us to forget our divine nature.
We forget the world and all that which comes with it is an illusion but our divine truth is what's real.
When one bases their intrinsic worth based on outside influences one loses sight of who they really are. We lose sight of our divine worth when we are constantly seeking the approval of others rather than getting to know ourselves and our true worth.  As well as communing with God and developing a personal relationship with Him rather than depending on others for that knowledge.  
And we can develop a personal relationship with God and an understanding of our true worth and true nature through prayer and meditation. Which can aid in scripture study.

It's not that we shouldn't rely on friends and family for help and insight, it's that we should never allow others to determine our worth or place in the world or in the world to come.I personally always relied on others to determine my worth and place in the world. Which was especially toxic because I was routinely and consistently put down, teased and embarrassed by my "friends." And I would fly into depressive and even rageful episodes because my every word and deed was never good enough for anyone I was around, family included.Every mistake was never forgotten or forgiven. I was mocked anytime I was around them. The boyfriend of one of these friends even said I wasn't being treated like a real friend. He said spending time watching how they treated me was like watching them kick a dog.I was treated horribly and mocked for not being mentally ill (which I am, I am schizoaffective which is co-occurring schizophrenia and bipolar.) but simply too weak to handle life. Classy as these people were my mother was the punchline to many jokes on a daily basis but their mothers were to be respected.I could not truly heal until I was in a better circle of people. And when I learned to rely on my healthy relationships I did better. But the ultimate lightbulb moment came through a personal relationship with God that I cultivated through daily prayer and meditation.I eventually let go of those toxic "friends" and no longer allow anyone but God to determine my value or worth. Sometimes I miss my old friends, we had good times sometimes, but for the most part I just feel better and continue to feel valued because I'm not being constantly and consistently undercut and mocked.We would all do better, we would all feel better if we stopped thinking of ourselves as broken or flawed. And start thinking of ourselves as divinely created, eternally loved and always valued.My wife and step children make me feel more valued than I ever have been. I have healed greatly but still have scars that even my families love hasn't healed yet. That will require self love on my part to fully heal. But I am on my way. So it's a start.Self Worth And Love

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