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Self Serve Dog Wash Rapidly Expanding

By Evolutiondogwash

Evolution’s Self Serve Dog Wash is rapidly attracting owners of car washes and garages, who see it as a way to improve and expand their business.

Of particular interest are the designs for the Self Serve Dog Wash Equipment specs, which not only shows suggested dog wash layouts but also demonstrates how you can easily convert an existing car wash into a dual dog wash.

Given the current harsh financial climate people the world over are more reluctant than ever to part with their hard-earned money, particularly when there are so many important things that it could be spent on. It makes sense, therefore, for businesses to diversify and consider the idea of converting a car wash that isn’t proving as profitable as one might like into a new enterprise that can provide serious money each month.

And when I say ‘serious money’, I mean it. To buy an Evolution Self Serve Dog Wash will only cost $16,400.  Check out the value proposition.  If you only have 5 customers a day paying $10 a time that’s $50 a day, or $1500 a month/$18,000 a year – which is more than enough to easily pay off the Self Serve Dog Wash Equipment within those first 12 months.

There’s also great news for those who prefer to finance the Self Serve Dog Wash Equipment. Financing is available. Additionally there’s nothing to stop you having more than one Dog Wash, and as a nation of dog lovers, you’ll be astonished at just how many customers you can get – and how quickly. To illustrate this many of Evolution’s customers have over 75 customers on a weekend alone, and when clients realize just how much money they can make it’s not uncommon for them to decide to buy another one, because once the cost is paid off then (apart from approximately $1 per wash costs on shampoo and electricity, etc) it’s pure profit all the way.

Evolution’s cunningly provides both credit card and cash facilities in their Self Serve Dog Wash Equipment. This means that if customers don’t have cash on them at the time, to pay for their pooch pampering, they can pay instead with their credit card. The low cost compared to the services offered by pet parlours means that delighted customers will come back time and again to use the Self Serve Dog Wash Equipment. Before you know it that inquisitive customer quickly becomes a regular one, the end result being that more and more people will be visiting your premises and naturally drawn to any other services and products you offer.

Evolution’s Self Serve Dog Wash can be used as a stand-alone idea that needs little maintenance or as a new and exciting addition to an existing business. All you need is a facility to house it, plus access to the necessary amenities. Evolution’s list of potential customers for their Self Serve Dog Wash Equipment is staggering and includes the apartments, garages, car washes, pet stores, superstore and animal charities.

All that’s needed is a customer with vision and a desire to succeed.

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