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Self-Love Is A Tango

By Tanvi Rastogi @tanviidotcom
You know loving yourself (like anyone else) is not a constant. It is a tango. You are constantly taking steps back and forth, throughout. That's what has been experience at least. 
This summer I have invested in four pair of shorts. Four. Which is a big deal because I hadn't worn shorts for the longest time and hadn't bough a pair in over five years. 
So what changed? My perspective. Life is truly just too damn short, to not wear shorts. 
Even though I have fallen in love with my inner self, loving my body through all its stages has been a long journey. All these years I had been waiting for lean-toned-legs and then I realized, you know what, 'they are just legs.' They do not have to be any certain shape or size for me to wear whatever-the-heck I want to wear. It is nothing new. It is not an epiphany. Thousands of women before me have gone through this same thought process. It just took me this long to get here.
My legs have veins. They have cellulite. They even jiggle. And even though I regularly workout, I have to accept that this might never change. But what should change is my attitude. I should not stop living my life waiting for my own idea of 'perfect legs'. I might get there one day, or might not but living in the present and being content includes dressing for today as well. So instead of hating my legs for what they are not, I am appreciating them for what they are: strong, muscular, and sexy. They do a phenomenal job of taking me through life's ups and downs! 
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