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Self-Healing – Clemens Kuby

By Luphil

Thursday evening my wife and I went to a public lecture of Clemens Kuby, a German film maker, author and founder of the German Academy for Self Healing Processes. He has done a number of films on interesting topics such as Living Buddha (rebirth of the Karmapa), the Todas in the Nilagiris, South India, The Old Ladakh, Tibet – Resistance of the Spirit, On the Way into the Next Dimension and now he is giving talks on self healing – being himself a living example: In 1981 he fell out of a window from 15 m height and was diagnosed paraplegic. For a year he was in a hospital and couldn’t move – he calls it a state of “forced meditation”.

In his talk he very humorously explained how he insulated himself from the diagnosis of the doctors who called it a refusal of accepting the reality – lifelong living with a wheelchair. He went through a deep inner transformation, he decided to totally change his life and cut nearly all links to his old life.  Through his inner work a so-called spontaneous healing thought impossible by the doctors happened – nerves which were cut grew and he could start walking again. For this an inner vision developed of a place which he did not know but which turned out to be Ladakh. So he started a new life guided by the soul.

He spoke very well (in German) and I made some notes which I would like to share:

“We are mostly working with the left brain, the whole education is left-sided. Or do you know of a professorship for intuition? We think the intuitive half of the brain is of no use. Intuition is a private matter.

If I have pain I’m not on the way to God. People think that disease is the will of God, a punishment by God. I would change this God. If I want to become happy  I have to take my disease seriously. If I’m not doing well I have to learn something. Suffering is easier than learning. If I don’t want to learn the pain becomes stronger.

You have to regulate your life backwards but also develop a perspective. Life after a disease has to be different from the life before the disease. There must be a cause for the disease in the biography. If you want to return to your old life there is no learning. A disease, an accident doesn’t happen accidentally. I have the disease in order to gain a new knowledge to find my happiness.

We have intuition to find the inner compass. The most important instrument for intuition is musing. Without an idea nothing happens. Everything that materialises needs an idea. In the beginning there is spirit, not matter. There is no phenomenon without an idea. The idea of pain was a bad idea.

On the intuitive plane everything is NOW, so I also can change it NOW. People come to the cinema to experience something, that is NOW. I experience it even if it is not true. We are not here to perceive the reality but to create the reality. A documentary film is a creation of reality. I can imagine the reality, it is always a subjective view. So we can re-shape our experiences. Only when I had found a real perspective in hospital why I had become sick I had an idea what-for I want to become healthy again. Existential fear screws up every vision. The shamans create a new truth for their patients and thus heal them. We imagine the new reality in the presence.

We cannot argue away the symptoms, but if I describe the content I can reshape it and create new images. The subjective reality counts. So you can describe cancer as cells which have dropped out of Love. We have fallen out of the love.

We can write down what good luck has happened to us in a situation instead of focussing on something bad. I can retroactively re-write my biography. How I think so I am. Every thought has an effect. I am the only responsible for my thoughts. So I can break the chain and re-write the scenes I have gone through. This way I don’t pass on the old concept to my children.

The one who has gone through a severe illness has become greater. We can retrospectively re-create facts. In this we have to be careful to whom we lend our ears. If we talk to a doctor we must know that he sees things from a physiological perspective, he won’t accompany us on the way of our soul. The scientists have even erased the word soul from their world view. We cannot expect apples from a pear tree.

The spirit is the boss, I can re-create a healthy childhood. I can explain it to every cell of my body and communicate with the organs, so that they are healthy.”

You find more about this way of thinking on his website (in German). At the end of the lecture we all stood up and sang a song to impregnate healthy living to all of the cells (: a link to the texts of songs “Sing and Dance): “Every cell of my body is happy, every cell feels well. Every cell at every place is in good form.”

Self-Healing – Clemens Kuby

Clemens Kuby, photo from Wikipedia

“Living Buddha” – Very rare and old documentary about the life in Tibet and Nepal from 1994, by Clemens Kuby

Unterwegs in die nächste Dimension (On the Way into the Next Dimension – Portraits of Shamans all over the world, by Clemens Kuby

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